Back Pain & Muscle Spasm Relief Treatment

Back Pain & Muscle Spasm Relief Treatment

“Hello everybody, my name is Dr. Jacobs,
I am a Doctor of Physical Therapy. I am also the inventor of Advanced Soft Tissue
Release. I am a cancer survivor and I used to suffer
from chronic fatigue, migraines, headaches, and pain before I invented the ASTR specialty.” Alright Mike, tell me what’s going on with
your back. Alright well, a few days ago I got the flu
virus (mhm) and umm I end up sneezing and coughing for you know off and on for two days
straight and I think it really over fatigued, my muscles in my back and my neck and after
the I decided to help my wife moves the bikes out of the car while I did that I pulled something
in my back and uhh here I am… is it the left or right you feel the pulling? Right side is the worst side. So from 0 to 10 how much pain? Well as I said right now im okay with it but
if I move the wrong its going to be a 10 yeah, thats what bending, extending and all
of that (yeah); okay so were going to take the range of motion and I want you to rate
your pain level, okay? So we’ll have you stand up and we’re just
gonna do bending forwards and slide your arms down when you bend forward so we’ll see
how far you can go down. its not the bending down..
its the coming up? .. and are you slow because of the pain.. Uhh no, I’m slow because I’m tight
So they’re very tight in the back.. Olay now back up.. That’s where… Olay thats where you feel it, okay, so lets
extend into your back, go backwards… okay… like there thats about it
okay you tell.. give me numbers okay? Well as I go further back it goes 6, 7, 8,
9, 10 Okay, is it sharp pain or dull? Sharp
and going upward you said.. its basically this lower back area..
so lets twist to the right.. okay stiff here.. okay to the left.. That hurts worse. so its worse.. where, what hurts?
the same area.. Okay, side bend to the left and the right
thats okay thats not bad, its tight but its not bad..
okay, all right so well get into the treatment and see how you’re
doing after that. Okay, thank you…
so I’m going to give him some muscle release because from your history you probably have
a lot of tightness from the sneezing. bend forward.. (okay) hows that feel? Better
okay and back.. look at that you’re going faster, okay twist to the left and right..
(right) thats better.. (left better) yeah… so what what do you think about ASTR treatment? Oh, its, its the reason I’m here, to help
me feel better. Well yeah without it id end up at a hospital. Yeah, thank you so much. “Feel free to subscribe to my channel, you
will get updated with tips on how to relieve pain. Also, there is over 150 videos on ASTR treatment
and you can see the instruments that I invented and the results I get with my patients. If you are a healthcare provider who are interested
in being an ASTR licensed provider, feel free to click the link below to register for the
next class. I also included the link for my TedTalks where
I shared how i discovered ASTR treatment. See you soon!”

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