42 comments on “Back Pain Exercises for Lower Back Disc Relief

  1. God's Goodness&Grace 4 TheHuman Race Post author

    Oooo. This is soooo timely.
    I had 3 C sections and my lower back was strained yesterday. Had a warmth of pain in my lower back. I got to tighten my core..i hear that also helps with lowrr back issues.

    How are things in your country?? Are the fires decreasing?

  2. Sherrelyn N Post author

    Somehow your videos always seem to arrive in the nick of time. I pulled my back earlier today and the first thing I thought to do when I got home was check your channel “wwmd” (as we would abbreviate in NY what would Michelle do)

  3. The Bullshooter Post author

    Could you provide some lower back relief tips for pain caused by bad posture? I am specifically thinking of symptoms from a swayed lower back.
    Of course fixing the underlying posture is key, but some stretches or tips on muscles to gently massage would be greatly appreciated. I'd really like to help out my significant other.

  4. Pedro Delacabra Post author

    My lower back feels much better just after a few minutes of doing these exercises. Thanks so much.

  5. jimbev4 Post author

    I tried to bend back over and as soon as I went back the pain became impossible to deal with. I can not lean back 1cm with out excruciating pain

  6. Doug M Post author

    My lower back pain which I've had for months keeps getting worse. My one arm is also aching like I have a fracture or sprain. Sadly, I have no insurance and very little money.

  7. Antonella Micheli Post author

    please can you tell me if i always have to do these exercise to maintain lumber relief and prevention or just when i have one of my bulging disc issues? thanku

  8. kitchen foodies Post author

    This exercise works best . Love ur channel. I'm ur new subscriber just because of this really help ful exercise.

  9. Suvarna Manore Post author

    I seen u r vedio on breathing its really good I loved it. Now my shoulders are round and slop back posture is little bit hunch as always fee like and I want to have straight back plz suggest me ecxerice on this.

  10. Elizabeth Dorchester Post author

    Im in so much pain iv bitten some of my teeth out . I wake up screaming and sweating and my eyes are dry from tears flowing from my now emotionless face . When i move i often pass in and out of concisness as my bones creak and grind . I shake uncontrollably in spasms and am in a state of great pain constantly . Every second of the day is battle in a war which is now my life. A spectator i have become as i push through this existence which once in a distant memory was so full of promise and potential . Everything hurts . I am in a state of constant torture and anger is creeping up on me like a lion on a lamb . I fight to survive with each breath and try oh i try so hard not to be beaten . Not to hate . Not to give in . Not to allow this dark cloud to smoother and drown me . So much relentless ever increasing horrible bitter pain . Pain pain pain pain pain . ARrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrŕrrrrrrrrrrrr Owwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww i scream in my head without making a sound and i try to smile and say nice things as every nerve in body is burning and aching . I cant hold a thought in my tortured mind i cant think i cant be . I am just going through the motions of existing. Pain pain pain pain pain pain pain pain pain pain pain pain pain .

  11. Benjamin Joji Jacob Post author

    I can lie flat on my stomach from the very beginning. Does that mean my injury is not that bad

  12. Deepmala Baid Post author

    Thanxx ma'am..plz tell can we do do these exercise.if we hv pain ..or we hv to wait fr the pain to subside …as I'm suffering from lower lumber injury..thank you love from India..

  13. Jason Sherpa Post author

    So uh I do t feel pain bending back or sitting or laying down but when I bend forward by lower back hurts. Do you think this is a muscle sprain because I ski a lot to

  14. Moon Stars Post author

    Your video is very helpful? do you have videos to help with abs that a person can do with lower disk herniation?

  15. Sarah Hilo Post author

    I have a question so I don't have disc I just have this weird back pain and I tried everything and the doctor keeps telling me that's I need just exercises my question is are these exercises gonna help me and my last question for how long do I need to do them to relief the pain completely bc I have school and I can't keep taking a medicine for a long time

  16. Mirza Baig Post author

    i was having back pain unable to sleep , al hamdo lilla by this exercise i was relived from back pain .should i continue this exercise ?

  17. nathan laird Post author

    I've had back pain for a few years in my lower back the pain comes an goes in my left hip is it a disc problem?


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