Back Exercise to build a V TAPER “Bulletproof” Back!

Back Exercise to build a V TAPER “Bulletproof” Back!

What’s up guys. Jeff Cavaliere, Part 4 here of the bulletproof series, a part
that you guys have been requesting, and i really appreciate the comments guys, please
leave your comments bellow and actually I’ll put a question to you today:
I wanna know; on one of the statistics that I hear is that people have up to 85-90% of
the people have back pain at some point in their life. It’s a very common thing, it’s something
that you guys probably have dealt with, but I’m gonna show you how to try and attack
it and cut it off of the past. But tell me, have you had a back problem? Let’s do our own little pole here and see
what the statistics are. Who’s had a back problem, how long has I
bothering you, and it will be interesting to know. But we’re gonna knock it out right now,
bulletproof low back with two bands, alright? All we gonna do is … again I was talking
about something called muscles integration. You wanna be able to tie in areas in muscles
that will work together naturally and stop isolating them so much. If they wanna work together let them and you
actually develop stronger muscles, because 1+1=10 in this case, and not just 2. So we’ve got two bands, if I’ll allow
myself to lean forward it’s just gonna pull me like that, alright? Now, the first thing to notice is what the
position of my low back is. I would say it’s kind of a shitty position
of my lower back right now to be honest with you, because this is not good, this is gonna
cause an injury . What you wanna do is get your but out, and sometimes the hand strings
won’t allow you to have that kind of flexibility. If that’s your problem you gotta work on
your hand strings guys, you gotta stretch them out, so get yourselves, you can get your
back in that position and get that slight arching a little back. Even if you just doing bend over rose at this
point, you have to establish that position. So, when I’m here I wanna roll back and
then from here … so I’ve got the upper portion of my back working…. Now I wanna do a low back extension. I’m not pulling anymore; I’m using all
my low back to do it. So….here…I’m not gonna pull anymore,
I’m locked in….now it’s a low back extension…straighten out. Alright, so let it come forward, straight
through….stretch …here ….and extent. Enable to get a little of a rhythm. [Exercises]
You can see that low back doing a lot of the work to get me to the top .
[Exercises] But the key here is integration guys. You gotta integrate more than one muscle group
if there is more just one muscle group that does the action. So, your low back works nicely with your mid
back, works nicely with the upper back, get them all working together and your body will
have some support . Everybody needs friends; the low back needs
friends too. It’s got them in the upper back if you just
allow it to work for you. Guys again, leave your comments .. interested
to know … let’s go for the team Athlean community here, what’s the back pain incidents,
any recups we had. We’re gonna try to get those numbers way
down , now we’ve got something like this under our bell. Next week, back again. WE might take a quick break from the bulletproof
series, but you’re gonna like what we’ll do if I decide to do that. But keep your requests coming, we’re gonna
do more and more like this series to help you guys out. We’re gonna keep them rolling! If you haven’t already guys, grab the AtheanX
training system. It’s all about building a bulletproof body,
it’s about getting yourself to be more and more resilient, resistant to injuries, but
at the same time build athlean muscles, get in ripped being the best that you can be. I’ll see you guys on, and I’ll
see you guys again next week for another video.

100 comments on “Back Exercise to build a V TAPER “Bulletproof” Back!

  1. Big Little Stories Post author

    hey Jeff, great stuff…can u really point out the main reason(or reasons) for 'back spasms'…..and how to address these issues with the proper exercise. been playing football(soccer) and i have back spasms which keep relapsing….thank you man…cheers

  2. Issaquan5 Post author

    @THEGREEENCHRONIC ahhh dude im sorry. Make sure you warm up next time!!! its kinda funny, I healed my back doing dead lifts lol

  3. benchenzo Post author

    I have a chronic rib problem between the shoulder blades and lower back pain from years in the Corps under a ruck and flying Apaches now. The rib is a ligament issue, but I'd appreciate insight.

  4. 52cardsco Post author

    Nice job jeff. I love the bulletproof series! You give me inspiration to keep going to the gym. Not that I'm gay and not that's there's anything wrong with that! But I always go to your videos and do the workouts at my gym and I have every chick in there looking at me like they wanna take me to pound town! And you know whats in pound town? The "SAUCE!" and the chicks love the sauce, alittle extra protein for them… Thanks for the help Jeff! I love you! Not in a gay way of course!

  5. ATACX GYM KENPO Post author

    I love this exercise.I do this with a combo of my bands and medicine ball,combining plyometric explosive movement in the low back plane with torso rotation to hit everything powerfully for 4 sets of 25 reps…and add I isometric tension for 5 seconds on every 5th rep. So reps 1-4 are as shown plus explosive torso rotations right and left,the 5th is held for a count of 5 while squeezing the medicine ball and every muscle group in the back with only 50% strength. Man it's a monster. Rips in 2 wks

  6. SollyBrahh1993 Post author

    I play football and last season I took a pretty big hit and landed pretty hard on my back, and I haven't played as good this season… this exercise really helped me get rid of that pain I've had and has helped me feel better than before in my movements… thanks for this video man

  7. ps3acr Post author

    I have a congenital anomaly in the lower part I'd my back, so I basically have a 6th lumbar in my lower back. The L6 witch is not sopose to be there. So I was doing a bent over barbell row and ended up messing up my back. Now I have back problems and have to see the chiropractor for 35$ for 5 minutes. That's alot of money down the drain for an 18 year old. Do u know much about a congenital anomaly Jeff?

  8. Edmund Andrada Post author

    its my 1st month since i started doing my workout with videos of athlean x. and it really helped me a lot, i see the changes coming and i'm really happy with the results. Thanks Sir Jeff for the great tips, more videos please regarding workout on shoulders and chest. More power!

  9. h2dude69 Post author


    I've seen a lot of band ripping videos on youtube and also heard stories. So I'm scared. I prefer weights

  10. Rodger Davis Post author

    Building your Lower back will help greatly on back strength… Remember to lift with your legs and not your back, unless you are trying to strengthen it. Also remember posture.. I always have pain if I have poor posture when doing back training.

  11. 3rikaMD Post author

    Ooooh! I love your exercises! I've tried a few at the gym & have gotten A LOT of looks – Now I'm watching to see if anyone catches on & tries them out after watching me! 🙂

  12. whoismOe2 Post author

    Low back problems are often a result of tight leg muscles. Typically, the hips, butt, and hamstrings cause tightness and strain on the low back.

  13. TheI11usionist Post author

    hey jeff can you please do a bullet proof
    triceps vid… im a teeneger in relatively good shape.. ur vids so far are a very good aid to my training and if u could do triceps it eould be highly appriciated 🙂

  14. Wisdombluetooth Post author

    I have back problem…I slouch and find it hard to keep a straight figure although i got good muscles, but still, i slouch, i have pain in between my shoulder blades and 4 inches down so mid back.

  15. 555GC Post author

    look up incline shrugs, prone cobra and scapular stability exercises. try to keep ur shoulders back by squeezing ur shoulder blades together.

  16. AgentSpiral Post author

    People with bad backs(myself included), generally have weak posterior chains. Strengthening it is the key to getting rid of the pain. Deadlifts, running, anything that is good for your legs/back are great.

  17. Alex Papaioannou Post author

    Great tip. I have poor flexibility in my hams / gluts / quads and consequently have lower back pain. it means I need to avoid dead lifts and be really careful with / avoid squats. Could you go through some good stretching exercises to help stretch the hams and lengthen the quads and also some substitutes for squats and deadlifts? Thanks Jeff.

  18. Harry Dan Post author

    Jeff Sir i wana ask these exercises are really tough u ell but when we do them in the gym the trainer stops us from doing that i urge you to put a great normal workout video but that which can be easily done thanx..

  19. superscorpionking90 Post author

    WTF are you saying???? That he never worked for the Mets??? The fucking guy is as real as it gets. More credentials than ANYONE else on youtube. Insane physique. A program that works. S-O-L-I-D.

  20. Lewis Wells Post author

    Dude, the guy has had interviews in loads of magazines such as Men's fitness etc. If he was not genuine he would not be getting mentions in these popular fitness magazines!

  21. superscorpionking90 Post author

    You are one hating jealous little bitch aren't you? Why don't you buy his nameplate from the locker room and then hit yourself across your fucking forehead with it? Verified by Steiner Sports for authenticity

  22. superscorpionking90 Post author

    Ok, because the next step was to post the Wall Street Journal article about him. Then again you probably don't know what that is having never read anything in your whole life. It's just that you're a flat out DOUCHE who should do nothing but sit and watch and learn -and above all- shut your fucking mouth. You have proven what happens when you open your mouth – you eat shit and embarrass your parents for ever claiming they had you.

  23. Kenneth Lam Post author

    dead lifts, face pulls, front squats.

    All movements that require a strong thoracic extension(or back arch) will help you develop a strong overall body posture. Also, try to be conscious of how often you slouch, if at all. I often notice myself doing it when im reading, As my body tends to lean in as something catches my interest lol. i have to learn to fight that!

  24. Julio Gomez Post author

    i think you should create a android app with all your workout in routines. for instance, the same way p90x made an app for iPhone you should make it but for android. ill be your first customer i think this would be revolutionary!

  25. Luis Reyes Post author

    I fractured L1-L4 vertebrates and did weight training and yoga and I'm 100% 1.5 years later. Back strengthening is under rated

  26. AgentSpiral Post author

    Same I used to have one of the worst backs ever. Progressed from walking to jogging, to working out and then backworkouts. Pain free for 1 year now.

  27. Zan LPE360 Post author

    Jeff, I have problems with my back when i'm doing seated or lying ab exercises if you know what I mean. For ex. I hardly do lying windshield wipers, I have some pain when doing ''V'' up Russian twists and exercises like that too. Could you help me with that or give me a tip, please.

  28. akyak471 Post author

    Yes Jeff… Ive got some real back problems…. Ive had lower back issues for about 10 years… It improved when I done cupping (wet)… It really helped….

    But now I've had middle back problems for over 2 years… Everyday I wake up with extreme mid back pain… I cant sleep more then 5-7 hours in go… I have to get up and stand and after about 20mins to 30mins the pain go's..

    Please help us with this one

  29. CarlCarl Karl Post author

    I feel like this will get lost in the millions of comments but ill ask anyway. Whenever i do a tricep workout i feel in my left elbow somesort of clicking or shifting, its not a sharp pain but its a quick dull one that grows the heavier weight i put on and the more reps i do

  30. CPAR15 Post author

    Sounds like you may need to get a different mattress then what you have now. Just think if you are sleeping on a bad mattress for 7 hours, you will wake up in pain and stiff.

  31. bboyfocused Post author

    did you get sorted? fix your posture generally, aand do stretches for yor back! i used to have arch got rid of it with this!

  32. Brian Griffin Post author

    You need to stop moving your tricep so long doing work outs you are damaging your tendons I know I sprained my tendons once lifting 330 on the bench. I couldn't do any push exercise for 2weeks it was horrid 2 push ups and I would drop ,I was doing sets of 50 on push ups and was a 175. maxing 28 pull ups with a 250 shoulder press well used to be at that. And injured myself again that way by making the full tricep movement pushing down on machine weights I stopped doing that I never got hurt again

  33. Pablo jimenez Post author

    Question: how to jack the lower muscles between your lower lats  and your but? I saw some people has big detailed muscles in that area, other not. I suspect should have to contract gluteus maximus too and even legs, but not sure….

  34. whitey211 Post author

    I've always had a bad back but I usually do a pretty good job of "listening" to it and quitting whatever I'm doing before I hurt it.  Except one time I didn't listen soon enough and wrenched it from shoveling 4 tons of gravel.  It hurt, but was bearable, until I decided to throw a frisbee for my dog.  That twisting motion did something and I went straight to the ground writing in pain barely able to breath for a good 30 minutes before I could pick my self up and hobble home.  It was like that for at least a week.  

  35. Ethan Tracey Post author

    Common reasons for back problems: Tight hip flexors (Donald Duck butt), slouching shoulders, or injury in some sort of accident. All of these can be fixed with stretching and improving thoracic extension. Unfortunately with injuries your performance will be reduced slightly. It's rare that people get 100% of their ability back.

  36. Harry C Post author

    practice this in your seat  its crazy………….. I have no reason to lie my back feels better  .. and for the 1st time contracted what felt like fully…… I'm in complete shock thank you  I have 20 yrs of experience … he schools me and I'm grateful :+ 

  37. ertugrul er Post author

    i suffered for a year actually, due to priformis syndrome, it caused sciatica and disc herniation, and the last three weeks was hell like thousands of volt going through my body, but now i am mostly pain free because of the core strengthening and stretching exercises.
    if you are suffering don't loose hope just keep working on your core and flexibility

  38. david smith Post author

    Knowing my luck the bands will snap & snap back & hit me in my face & knock me on my ass lol

  39. Nicholas Schultz Post author

    Yes, 2 vertebrae are "mushroomed"… Meaning they are not nice and flat to line up on one another. It hasn't taken a chiropractor, a physical therapist and my very own personal training certs to bulletproof my back once and for all.

    Guys and gals… Stop complaining about the pain and do something about it.

    Fix your:
    Sleep position
    Eating habits

  40. Joao Moreira Post author

    Very good integration exercise! Good mechanics, congratulations.
    Wish you had more videos like these!

  41. Evan Armstrong Post author

    I had lumbar pain for a long time. Cured with yoga and spinal stretching. Then SIJ pain came on, cured with dead-lifts within 2 sessions.

  42. 강지은 Post author

    great exercise! i had one exercise similar to this exercise which i invented, i guess i can continue with that exercise or this!

  43. Becky Kuss Post author

    Jeff, I don't know if you'll see this comment or not, since this was uploaded in 2011.  I only found out about you this year 2016.  I have had 3 spine fusions and possibly need a 4th.  1st=Scheuerrmann's Kyphosis at T10-L2 to correct a 50 degree angle, 2nd=C3C4 n C4C5 disc replacement with my own bone, both done in 2012.  I also have L6, yes I have an extra Lumbar vertebrae and the pars are fractured on both sides for maybe 20 years.  This flared up in 2013, my main back doc can't figure out if it's from this or my SI joints.  The pain moves around between those areas and comes n goes at will, no certain movement I do seems to kick it off.  Pain can come and go for months at a time.  Well finally here in Jan 2016 my neck doc surgeon had to redo my C4C5 because it never fused from 2012.  My L6 pain starts then my neck pain comes back, after a stint in the hospital for a week, this level was refused by orthoscopic type procedure, he just injected synthetic bone in gap and so far it seems to be working.  My L6 though is still messed up since May 2015 from the last n most current flare up.  They are talking nerve blocks, then to possible burning these nerves.  We were just talking a L6 to S1 fusion but now have gone back to this nerve block.  I currently have 16 screws, 2 rods and one plate on spine, the neck redo no hardware was installed.  I wish they would just try the L6S1 fusion but they keep being hesitant on this.  I'm only 44 and am sick of this L6 pain.  What do you think may help for my case?  Thank you Jeff for your time and keep these awesome videos coming.

  44. Bla bla bla Legito Post author

    I do Alexander Technique and it's very helpful and effective in preventing back pain. It can also help if there already is pain or an injury.

  45. Cody Smith Post author

    yeah, but not majorly… from overworking in awkward upward positions reach up to a ceiling and sometimes backwards facing up, if that makes sense, overloading and causing spasms for quite some time

  46. Connor Garst Post author

    I've had off and on lower back pain for years now. It is usually agitated by high impact cardio or squats on a Smith machine (which is unfortunately all my gym has). I've found a lot of my issues go away when I have good posture.

  47. Austin Earley Post author

    I was doing the T-Bar Row today for the first time and injured my lower back on my fourth set I think it's a pulled muscle but I'm not sure.
    Going to the doc soon.

  48. CastleBarry Post author

    I've been having lower back pain for a year now, this exercise with the resistance band has really helped. You the man Jeff

  49. Sasza Blaze1 Post author

    epic. Im now glad I have a skipping rope which is rubber and not leather. dont have to buy any more kit. EPIC STUFF JEFF!

  50. Brad Buckingham Post author

    I am a Farrier (horse shoes) every Farrier I have ever heard of has back pain. I like to exercise but I have to be careful about that.

  51. Scott Johnson Post author

    This afternoon I tried this. Freaking awesome.
    Last time I did deadlifts I hurt my lower back so I'm gonna do this and bridges and stay away from DLs for a while.
    I suspect my glutes are not strong enough to protect my lower back which is why I'm going to do bridges.


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