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Gyeongsangbuk-do province confirms first case of H5N6 strain of bird flu

A highly pathogenic strain of avian influenza is spreading to almost all four corners of Korea, despite intensified government efforts to contain it. For the latest on the outbreak,… Kim… Read more »

Severe Back Pain Get Relief with Gonstead Chiropractic

(upbeat music) – You’ve had this for how long? – Years? (laughs) – Years. I don’t know how many maybe 10 years. – Ten years? – Wow, okay. Can you… Read more »

Yoga Poses for Headache Relief : Yoga Forward Bend to Relieve Headache

ELIZABETH ROSE: So this, what we’re doing right now is the supported forward bend. It’s a very, very gentle forward bend. You can do this even if you have extremely… Read more »

Devdas (HD) Shahrukh Khan & Aishwarya Rai (With Subtitles) Full Hindi Film

Badi Ma, Dwijdas, Kumud, Padma, Dharamdas, where’s everybody? Look, here’s Devdas’ letter. Devdas is returning from London Really? Happy tidings! Dwijdas! You hear? Devdas is coming! – I don’t think… Read more »