Arthritis Treatment Center – What Sets Us Apart

Arthritis Treatment Center – What Sets Us Apart

Is the pain of arthritis keeping you from
living the full and active life you want? If so, you are far from alone: 7 in 10 Americans
of all ages suffer from this debilitating disease. But the good news is we now have
cutting edge treatments that can give you back your life. I’m Dr. Nathan Wei, director of the Arthritis
Treatment Center. I’ve devoted my career to seeking a cure for arthritis—and for me,
it is a very personal fight. Many years ago, my sister was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis.
She went through a terrible time before finally achieving remission. Then my 10 year old son
was carried off a soccer field with horrible joint pain, which turned out to be a juvenile
form of arthritis. I hated to see them suffering, and I vowed to find treatments, which would
control their disease, not just mask the pain. So I committed myself to seeking a cure for
arthritis, once and for all. No one has found a magic bullet—at least not yet. But fortunately,
we have a number of treatment options today— some of which weren’t available even as recently
as a few years ago. For example, using the body’s natural healers—a patient’s own stem
cells and platelet rich plasma—we’re finally able to repair and restore damaged tissue
in osteoarthritis and tendonitis disorders. Ailments like rheumatoid arthritis can be
put into remission. These advances mean that a diagnosis of arthritis does not have to
be a lifetime sentence of increasing pain. And the treatments for arthritis don’t have
to be just temporary fixes with pills, or undergoing invasive surgeries like joint replacements. There’s a brave new frontier of arthritis
treatment, and the Arthritis Treatment Center is a pioneer in these therapies. In fact,
you won’t find the same arsenal of groundbreaking treatments anywhere else on the East Coast. So the choice is really yours. If you are
satisfied with treatments that just blunt the pain temporarily, then you have plenty
of places to choose from. But if you want to defeat the disease of arthritis itself—and
end the pain forever—then join us on our journey toward a cure. Call or email to set
up a personal appointment with me. I look forward to helping you reclaim your life.

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  1. Carrie D Post author

    Very disappointed to find you do not accept insurance of any kind. I guess treatments are only for the wealthy.


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