Another scalp with Three Pilar Cysts

Another scalp with Three Pilar Cysts

I’ll give you the measurements later, sweetie. Patient: OK It’s too much trouble to do all three of them like that. I am going to ask you to do one more thing.. because I gotta put a sterile drape under your pillow, so lift your head up for a moment and then you can lean back again. Ok, perfect. Save this one if we need it. Oh yeah We’ll need it. So these are kind of fun for us. ’cause they really pop out entirely and that’s why, actually, we put them on our social media page. Because people like to watch that. Patient: Oh great. I don’t see the blade holder here You shouldn’t feel anything other than us touching you. She’s got 3 little Pilar cysts here that bug her. I tend to see that the ones that stay here for longer are the ones… …like the ones can get bigger are the ones that are high on top of the head … …because they don’t get in your way when you are trying to sleep. I would imagine if you had a big one lower, it would drive you really nutty… …that you’d have to have it taken care of sooner. We really try to preserve as much hair as we can. ‘Cause we women do not like it if we have our hair gone. So, it makes it a little challenging for us, but we don’t mind that. I’d rather have hair, personally. So I’m going to push against you for a second I’m not trying to push your head forward, okay, I’m just going to push it…(inaudible)… to see if I can squeeze it out without… having to do much more. Whew! I hope I don’t give you a headache for that. Put that away, if you don’t mind. Let’s see if I can pull it off her. (inaudible) push out some of the contents of it, just to (inaudible)… Can you do me a favor, actually? Can you stop that for just a moment, turn off (cuts off) Do you know what the last procedure is? Assistant: Um, earlobe repair? But it’s just one ear. Oh, oh yeah, it’s that one we saw yesterday. Okay. That should be pretty straightforward. You okay? Patient: Oh, I’m fine. Are you in the medical field at all? Patient: No. You’re not interested in any? You wouldn’t be interested in it potentially? Patient: Who me? Yeah, you seem to be fine with this. Like it doesn’t bother you. That’s why I was wondering. Patient: Well, at one time I was thinking of going into nursing…. Patient: …but it’s just, with my husband’s schedule, it was… it was too hard. Aww, you’re making sacrifices for him. For everybody. That’s nice. Maybe someday. Now you got kids. And it makes things, everything, a little more difficult. Patient: Now that they’re older it’s a little easier, so… That is true. Dr. Lee: But now you got to shuttle them to all these activities! Patient: That’s true, that’s true!
Dr. Lee: Wait ’til that happens. That all happens too. Dr. Lee: And then…
Patient: I feel like a yo-yo some days. Oh gosh, yes. It’s very… that’s actually a whole ‘nother thing. And then you have, like, then it gets harder, then they need help with homework, and… Patient: Right So it changes. Patient: It’s amazing the amount of homework they give them now. Yes, that’s right. Do you guys live in Upland? Patient: We’re actually in (NO AUDIO TO PROTECT PATIENT’S PRIVACY). Oh, okay, yes. It’s, you know, that place is really growing. Patient: It is, it is. That’s nice. Do you like living there? Patient: I do. We’ve been there for about 10 years now. Oh wow! You were kind of there at the beginning! Patient: Yeah. That’s out, fantastic. Okay, one down. Let’s clean that up a little bit. Like, take out that piece of gauze there. And we’ll move over to the next one. See the next one here. Take this away from us. Okay, I’ll do the top one. Here. Let’s see if we can do this one nice and pop it out easy. You okay like that? Patient: I’m sure. Yeah, I’m fine. Okay. That first one one, we had to… we broke it a little bit.. This one’s superficial. Looks like they’re really… …got a little bit of it… Its just, they’re really satisfying. You know, maybe I sound sick. But they’re really satisfying to get out whole. …’cause then you know you got it, too.
Patient: Yeah. But this one’s pretty superficial actually. I might be able to… Come back over here. Let’s see if I can tease this out. Breaking it too much… Great! We’re doing great, okay? Good, there’s number two, Let’s just put a little stitch there. Right? Okay. You might wanna move that number two, so you know what order they’re in. Since we’re gonna probably send them in. Just to be sure. All cleared up? Looks like we are. Good. Let’s put a stitch right there. So about…I think I realized that ten days was gonna be on the holiday. So we’re gonna say more like 12 days or so before you remove the stitch. I think that works out to be Monday.
Patient: Okay. And it shouldn’t be a long appointment. Shouldn’t take us long. And the last one is a really small one, girl, so… You might wanna keep that little hook in the end, you know, our little skin-hooker instrument. ‘Cause you might wanna just make sure the hairs are pulled out from under the stitch. Assistant: Okay.
Dr. Lee: Okay [INAUDIBLE] just to help minimize the chance of any hair trapped there. You’re okay, right? Patient: I’m fine. Okay, I just need to make sure with this one in particular because gonna (inaudible) make sure we’re in the right spot. Scissor there. Thank you. I see it under there. Okay, let me see if I can pop this one out. I’m pushing on you again, so resist me. I’m not pushing your head off the chair.
Patient: Okay. Can you dab the top here, thank you. That one came out nice! And it rolled onto my hand here. I caught it! Yeah! You’ve had…that’s the second roller. Did I…did I come over there? Did I follow it?
Assistant: Yeah.
There it goes. Okay, one little stitch here. That was a cute one. Didn’t think that one was going to be impressive… …but actually it was the smallest and the most impressive. Patient: It’s like a little pearl. [LAUGHS] It was, it was like a little pearl you made. There, they’re very clean and white. I don’t know if you’re interested in seeing the video right away, but you can, if you’d like to. They’re very interesting to see. Patient: Okay. Yeah, you wanted to be a nurse, so you can handle this stuff. You should go back and see the other woman that had this done. Patient: Oh really? Hers were, like, like I said, they were like, one was like a gnocchi, like the size of that. One was a pretty big mozzarella ball, I’d say, or a large grape…
Patient: Yeah, well she had three (fades out)

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  1. monkeyboy8me Post author

    how does this happen , how come these people who get these not notice a giant bump on their head when they shower

  2. Kenda Steckel Post author

    Yadav is horrible to watch seems slow and tools are old looking! Thank you for your informative instructions!

  3. Razzlewolfflight Post author

    Damn. I wish I could go to you for my issues. I have two, what I believe are these, are on my scalp. The one that's further toward my forehead isn't all that raised and doesn't cause me too much problem, but I have another one that's much bigger. The bigger one is right on the crown on my head, but over to the far right. It's gotten big enough that it hurts washing my hair and brushing it in that area. I probably messed with it too much, the more I thought about it, and now it seems to be inflamed. It feels warm to the touch and hurts without putting any pressure on it. I DO have a dermatologist to see, but I feel like you're so good at these and i don't know him all that well.

  4. bmwforlife461 Post author

    Dear dr Lee. I always learned that the bigger the cyst gets the more skin is left if the incision is made in one straight line. That's why I learned to make the incision in an oval shape like this: "()" and not like this "I". That is what we learn here in Europe. The skin can adapt and it won't be tight. In all your video's there clearly is too much skin left leaving a bigger hole. I wonder if you are familiair with my technique, ever tried it and what your reason is behind yours.

  5. Essem Sween Post author

    +Dr. Sandra Lee (aka Dr. Pimple Popper ) This video is currently being displayed on a channel with your headshot picture next to the name Dr Hanim. The title on his channel is ' Uç pilar kistler ile baska bir kafa derisi ' (no apostrophes) I think the language is Turkish. The channel is blatant, in the about section, under your photo, it says it's dedicated to subscriptions of which there are 1,961, who may believe this is from you. You're not credited in any of the description boxes, and I started reporting but there are just too many. I hope this information makes it's way to you this time.

  6. BriahnaNicole Post author

    Do you need to shave the areas before you remove the cyst? Or can you do it without shaving ?

  7. E Wagner Post author

    A few questions? What kind of surgeon do I need to consult with for the removal of such a cyst on the scalp? Is the procedure covered by most insurance? If not covered by insurance how much does this procedure typically cost out of pocket? What is the aftercare like? How long until the patient is all healed? Do the stitches dissolve or need to be removed? and lastly how well is the patient numbed? Many thanks in advance!

  8. ChexiiBabii88 Post author

    It's between #2 and #3. They both ended up coming out clean, but #2 tricks you at first ?

  9. allahu akbar Post author

    I'm studying top natural treatment for ovarian cysts and found a great website at Litzy remedy tactics (look it up on google)

  10. Chellee Horton Post author

    So relieved!!!!! No shaving a girl's hair off and no staples!! Yayyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!! :)))))))))))

  11. 2 pac Post author

    Now I love her fine sexy ass but man she is so fkn annoying! every 2 secs "im not hurting you riiight?" smh beyond annoyance.

  12. Steve Austin Post author

    I wish my doctor could of got my cyst out like that , all I got was a pool of blood on the floor a it won't come out !stitches in my head and still a lump on my head bigger than before the prat !!

  13. daddydojang Post author

    This video gave me a great ab workout and my face is exhausted from clinching. I'll look younger in 8 videos.

  14. Caveman Bricklayer Post author

    i would watch these dr.lee vids with my baby and be totally in heaven, now shes gone!! ? and i cant do it (watch) anymore.

  15. iaintnobody Post author

    Love the way they pop out like little constipated turds. But, I can only wonder about dirty hair sewn into those holes.

  16. jodie4609 Post author

    i've asked this on another vid
    im sorry to repeat myself
    why is the area not shaved
    im just curious

  17. Dawn Vega Post author

    Have you published? You should set the standard of care. After all the videos, your approach is the most complete and the least invasive. Show yor peers how it is done!!!

  18. Hannah Mattox Post author

    I use to check on this channel when it was just in the triple digits. I was afraid to subscribe because I thought my (now) husband would think I was too weird. Lol. Then, I looked at his subscription list and I joined in at the 6 digits. I've always loved cutie little Dr. Lee!

  19. Claire Frances Post author

    OMG the second one looked like when you boil an egg for too long and the white comes out the shell looks all ectoplasmy. OMG

  20. mia Hyde Post author

    Really horrified by this but I also know you are the only one I would ever trust to do this.I wonder if your in southern California, I'm in the inland empire,which is a dumb name for super hot place with a lot of dirt and rocks and bad neighborhoods.except Rancho,upland,Claremont and a very few places in riverside. And Alta loma

  21. William Medlin Post author

    Can’t see close up as usual from this angle. Missed that not close enough. The camera was too far back and cut picture off don’t below!

  22. Holly Pershall Post author

    I had one of these removed in October and since the scar keeps breaking open and weeping. It has been a nightmare!

  23. christopher optimus prime Post author

    Dr. Sandra Lee has a very interesting job but I'll tell you this not a cold day in hell would I take an ice cold drink from those hands and I sure in hell wouldn't eat anything she cooked there's always McDonald's and frozen burritos

  24. Brian Kim Post author

    Is it just me or do you also get a satisfying feeling watching a cyst getting squeezed out, cut out. It's kinda like the same feeling one gets after cleaning one's house….like you've gotten rid of some junk.

  25. Stevie Nicole Post author

    What is the most you have removed from one persons head? Im really curious what the record is so far ♥

  26. Susan Chizmadia Post author

    Have you ever thought about getting lights like dentists wear on their heads?
    This had some dark parts.

  27. Tara B Post author

    I got one removed today my head hurts got a headache but didn't have any pain during the procedure ?

  28. Juan Cervantes Post author

    I got 4 of those things . I had 5 but they removed one already.

    I don't have insurance doctor I wish you could help me , it would be a great video , pop 4 at one time.

    I live in so California.

  29. Louvenia Stepney Post author

    How come you don’t shave the surrounding area before removing the cyst, you even stitch hairs up into the incision
    Will this cause hair to grow inward?

  30. Nestor Estrada Post author

    I have one and they didn’t want to remove it. they said i could get an infection. I hate it but it’s really small probably a bit smaller than a penny. I wish I could go to her ! ?

  31. Ivette Alvarez Post author

    I've had a pilar cyst on my scalp for years. Ever since I was little. Now it's starting to bother me but I've never tried extraction because I was so afraid of not being abke to grow hair on the area afterwards. Any recommendations?

  32. Sasha Blackbird Post author

    God, my doctor better find me a doctor like this, I swear the lumps on my head have to be cysts

  33. Lorelai B. Post author

    OMG. The only reason I am here is because I have a round white dome shaped growth on my head, and I think it may be a pilar cyst. I started watching this and at 3:06 it just got too much. That huge thing that came out, omg. Dermatogists are strong people. I squeeze my eyes shut when I google a skin issue and super gross images suddenly pop up. YIKES!

  34. Michael Gutierrez Post author

    I’m sure I have a pillar cyst but I’m not too sure. I’ve been to my pcm on base and he said either an ingrown hair or a cyst. He just gave me topical cream since they never try to actually satisfy the patient. But I just want it gone, the cream doesn’t work and honestly I just feel very self conscious about myself.

  35. April Wright Post author

    My insurance won’t cover removing my cyst. What should I do? I have been squeezing everyday won’t go away


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