Amazing Back Pain Relief With A Chiropractic Adjustment

Amazing Back Pain Relief With A Chiropractic Adjustment

Hey guys Dr Ray Marquez here your local Vineland
Chiropractor. I am here today with Dr Staci Avakian we are both at Back Pain Relief Center.
My low back has been killing me. As many of you know I fly back and forth to Myrtle Beach
every week. I have been working out a little more and it is starting to get a little sore
so I am going to have her adjust me. She does a great job at it so she is going to talk
you through it a little bit. If you have any questions please message us and we will answer
as soon as possible. So we have a neurological reflex whenever we lay in the prone position one leg automatically appears shorter than the other, even though it is not anatomically
shorter so with that reflex every time something is corrected it will actually become equal
and that is how I know I made a correction good enough to make things function better. So this is just a massage to help bring blood flow to the surface, the area and loosen the muscles. When we restore blood flow we get influx of healthy nutrients. So now I am going
to go ahead and adjust the hips, where the hips join into the low back and then we will
actually work on the lumbar spine. This is one way that we can do an adjustment. You
see the instrument adjustment on other videos, we are going to do that again in a minute
and then this is another way so the table lifts up and then when I actually put pressure
on the joint in the appropriate direction for the way the joints are designed that drop takes up the pressure. If I was afraid to get manually adjusted and didn’t want to hear
the crack is that one thing you would do? Yes, a lot of times you don’t hear or feel
cracking with this put it does release pressure out of the joint and create and restore more
movement. So put your right hand on your low back for me. Switch them and back down. So
what this is a neurological and scientific based method of analysis where each motion
I am having him do corresponds to a specific vertabrae in his spine. By checking the leg
length reflex I can see exactly which side I need to adjust for appropriate correction. Good. Switch them. Both hands at the same
time and back down. So I just went and checked the major joints of his lumbar spine and corrected
them. He did have what we consider a counter rotation, where one is going one way and the
other is going the other way. That is why you saw me adjust both sides. He should be
feeling better and having restored muscle function. Thanks Doc. So if you have any questions
about how to get your back pain relieved a little faster Dr Avakian is the person to
see over here at Back Pain Relief Center in Vineland. If you have any questions give us
a call. Talk to you soon.

12 comments on “Amazing Back Pain Relief With A Chiropractic Adjustment

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