Hi everyone, it’s Sandy and today I’m
going to be talking about my all-time favorite YA book series. And honestly,
I’m surprised that I haven’t done this video already. I have actually read and
finished a ton of YA book series since I started reading consistently and I do
have a couple of videos where I shared all of those books. I think my last one
was in 2017, which is three years ago so it’s definitely time for a more updated
version. There are definitely some series where I questioned whether or not I
should include it in this video because I know that when I read that series at
the time that I read it, I loved it. It was my favorite. I’m not a huge rereader
but as time goes on, I fall out of love with certain series but with this video,
I really wanted to focus on my all-time favorite series and these are series
that I really really loved at the time that I read them and when I think about
these series now, even if I haven’t read them in a while,
I still feel some sort of connection with the series and I just know that
it’s a series that I will probably love for the rest of my life. The first book
series that is definitely my all-time favorite is of course The Hunger Games
by Suzanne Collins. I honestly don’t even have to give a synopsis of this book
because even if you haven’t read it, most people have an idea of what the series
is about. This was actually an assigned reading, so I read this when I was in
eighth grade for my reading class. When I was in eighth grade, I wasn’t in love
with reading but there were books series that I was just obsessed with and this
is one of them for sure. I distinctly remember that when we were
assigned this book, I was like “oh my god, another school reading? Why do we always
have to read these books that I don’t care for?” But honestly this series really
has changed my life. This series has just been a huge part to my reading journey.
It did take me a while to get through this book but after I finished it I
immediately went to my eighth grade teacher and asked for the second book
and I finished the second book in like a day or two, and then I read the third
book and I finished that in like a day or two. My reading teacher was honestly
surprised at how fast I was getting through these books but I’m sure it made
her happy to see a student reading books for pleasure and not solely just for
school. I also remember keeping up to date with the movie casting and movie
news and I remember when Jennifer Lawrence was first casted as Katniss, I
did not like her. And the only reason I didn’t like her was because she didn’t
have brown hair. Apparently, back then I didn’t know dyeing your hair was a thing,
so that was literally the only reason why I wasn’t super happy with Jennifer
Lawrence being casted. But obviously, after seeing the first Hunger Games
movie, I loved her and I think she is the perfect Katniss. The series was also the
start to me wanting to read all of the dystopian books out there, which leads
into my next all-time favorite series and that is Divergent by Veronica Roth.
This series was the start to me discovering Booktube and Christine from
polandbananasbooks was the first Booktuber that I discovered. I watched her
Divergent book review and the rest was history. I really loved that the story
was set in Chicago because that’s where I live. I was born and raised in Chicago
and it was so cool to read about certain scenes that were taking place in
well-known areas in Chicago, such as at Navy Pier with the ferris wheel. And of
course, seeing the very first Divergent movie was everything. I was so so excited
for it and I really loved the Divergent movie. I actually haven’t seen part one
of the Allegiant movie yet and even though I’ve heard a lot of bad reviews
on that third movie, I’m bitter that they never continued and finished it and just
pretty much left everyone hanging. Apparently they were going to transition
into a TV show or something but that just never happened, so I’m a little bit
bitter about that and that there’s no closure to the movie series, even though
I haven’t even seen the third one and I know many people hate it. I also remember
that when I was like a freshman in high school, we had like a reading fair and
basically we had to pick a book, give a synopsis of the book, talk about all the
characters, the type of conflict, and the themes of the story. And Divergent was my
book of choice for the reading fair. And the reason that I chose Divergent was
because I wanted other people to read it and the reading fair was a great way to
talk about a book that you want other people to read. And while I didn’t
absolutely love Allegiant, I gave it a four out of five stars, where I gave the
other books like 5 out of 5. The ending had such a huge emotional impact on me. I
remember buying the book on iBooks the day that it came out so that I can read
it throughout the day. When I was in high school, I would get picked up by my uncle
and I’d go to his house for breakfast and he’d take me to school and I
remembered reading that book while I was at my uncle’s house and finishing it and
just sobbing so so much. Like I could not stop crying and so during school, my eyes
were a little bit red and when my friend asked me like “oh why are your eyes red?
have you been crying?” I literally started tearing up again just thinking about how
Allegiant ended. I just really connected with Tris as the main character and I
loved being part of her journey throughout the books. And this is
definitely one of my all-time favorite series. My
next two favorite all-time series is a package deal and that is Vampire Academy
and Bloodlines by Richelle Mead. One of the main things that I loved about both
of these series is the romance. There are definitely some issues that I have with
the romance in the Vampire Academy series but overall I just love Rose and
Dimitri and Sydney and Adrian. They’re definitely two of my favorite OTPs. Both
of these series were series that I had so much fun reading. Rose and Sydney are
very different characters. Rose was definitely very badass and sassy but I
loved how much she cared about the people in her life. So while people
were in love with Twilight, I was in love with Vampire Academy and Bloodlines. I
really loved the world. There are bad vampires that will literally kill you
but then there are also good vampires and then there are dhampirs, which are
half human/half vampire. I really love the structure in this world and to this
day I’m still very very very bitter that the Vampire Academy movie flopped in
theaters. I just felt like people saw the movie as another Twilight, even though
the series is completely different. The only similarity is that there are
vampires in it. I actually really liked the Vampire Academy movie. I loved Zoey
Deutch. She was an amazing Rose. I wasn’t a huge fan of the guy that played
Dimitri to be honest but overall I just loved the way Zoey Deutch embodied Rose
Hathaway and I just wish we had more movies to watch but I know that’s never
going to happen. I also loved that in Bloodlines, we get to see characters that
we know and love in Vampire Academy. So even though Bloodlines didn’t focus on
Rose and Dimitri or Lissa and Christian, I just really love seeing their
relationship grow and develop in Bloodlines. Honestly, even though I love
Rose and Dimitri, I think Sydney and Adrian are my favorite couple throughout
the whole Vampire Academy and Bloodlines series. So enough of me talking about
Vampire Academy and Bloodlines, let’s move on to the next series. So my next
favorite series is more of a world and that is the Shadowhunter world by
Cassandra Clare. I love the entire Shadowhunter Chronicles and I feel like
it’s very very hard for me to choose a favorite and I know so many people love
the Infernal Devices, that is their favorite series out of the entire
Shadowhunter Chronicles. And I do really really love the Infernal Devices but I
also really love the Mortal Instruments and The Dark Artifices. They’re just all
so so good. I love each series individually for different reasons and
for that, I can’t pick a favorite series But
right now I’m holding City of Bones because this was the start of my love
for Cassandra Clare. This is another series that I started during the time
that I discovered Booktube. I’m pretty sure I started the series back in 2012
and it’s 2020 now. That’s eight years. Like oh my god, I’ve been reading
Shadowhunter books for eight years and in 2012, I would have never thought that
I’d be able to share my Shadowhunter love with another person and now I have
a freaking parabatai. Shout out to you Trinh because I’m just so thankful that
the Shadowhunter series has brought us together and I’m getting a little
emotional now, so I’m going to stop talking about the Shadowhunter world
and I’m going to move on now before I start bawling. So all those series I’ve
just talked about are series that I started 2011/2012/2013 and since then, I
haven’t really had that many all-time favorite series being added to the list.
And a huge part as to why I really love those series was that the series was
either already completed or most of the books were already out and so I was able
to read a majority of the books at one time and I feel like that’s how I really
fall in love with a series – is if I read it all at once. And throughout the years,
I haven’t really done that. I would usually start a series when there’s only
one book out and by the time the second book comes out, I’m like not as invested
or interested in the story anymore and so I lose that initial connection and
excitement over the series. And so even though I have completed so many series,
it really does take a lot for me to call a series like an all-time favorite. I
just have two more that I wanted to talk about. The next series is Illuminae by
Jay Kristoff and Amie Kaufman. I’ve never been a huge sci-fi reader but this story
and the way that it was formatted was just so so refreshing to read about. In case,
you didn’t know, Illuminae is a sci-fi book but it’s told through IMs and
emails and documents and reports and it’s just so so cool. Each book in the
series does follow two new main characters but we do get to see from the
characters in the previous books. The third book was definitely my least
favorite in the series but I loved seeing all these characters come
together and it was just such such a good sci-fi read. And I know that
Illuminae has been optioned to become a film and it’s been years since I’ve
heard that news and I’m really hoping that we see more movement in the
production for Illuminae because I really would love to see this adapted. I
think it’d be so cool and to see how they would adapt it, considering it’s not
like a traditionally formatted story. And the last series that I wanted to talk
about in this video will come to no surprise for those who
have been following my channel for a while and that is Renegades by Marissa
Meyer. Honestly, this series has everything that I love. It has characters
with powers. There are diverse characters as well. Characters with disability.
Characters of different race and ethnicity.
There’s the slow-burning enemies to lover romance that’s done so perfectly. There
are secret identities and betrayal and plot twists and it’s so so so good. I love
it so much. The powers in here are also super unique. One of the main characters
can draw certain objects and make it come to life.
Another main character can put people to sleep by touch and never has to sleep
herself. There’s also another character in here
that can like form weapons from her blood, so that’s super interesting. I also
love that the story explores the theme of what’s good and what’s bad. It’s very
complex. It’s not just black and white. This is such a good action-packed series
and I will forever recommend it. So those are all of my all-time favorite series.
In the comments, please let me know some of your all-time favorite series because
I would love to check out some new ones. Thank you so much for watching. I hope
you enjoyed this video and I will see you next time. Bye! *music*


  1. Eden Is Reading Post author

    Would you believe me if I told you I’ve never read the Hunger Games or Divergent series 🙈 I promise to get to them soon!! I loved this so much ❤️

  2. Taylor Pence Post author

    Haha I have read and loved everything in this video except VA, Bloodlines, and Alluminai. I definitely plan on reading VA soon! I love love love The Mortal Instruments haha I cant wait for my pre-order for Chain of Gold to get here 🥰 this was an awesome video!!

  3. JocelynnReads Post author

    omg you have a lot of OGs on here. I was absolute trash for the vampire academy series but never moved onto bloodlines and now I'm definitely going to try to place a thriftbooks order and get the first couple (:

  4. Kai Chen Post author

    I only read divergent and insurgent because I was spoiled for the allegiant. Do you think it’s still worth the read?

  5. youngbloods_t Post author

    I absolutely love the Hunger Games and Vampire Academy too! VA was totally my twilight and it really has a special place in my heart. I'm currently reading Bloodlines and I'm not liking it as much but I'll probably give the second book in the series a go anyway

  6. trinhsformerz Post author

    omg so many surprises!! i didn’t even know you love the hunger games like that 😂
    i’m so happy that cassie’s books brought us closer 💖 and omg you were emotional bby 😭


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