8 Adaptogen Herbs to Heal Adrenals and Reduce Stress

Hey, guys, Dr. Josh Axe here. Welcome to Ancient Medicine Today. Today I’m going to be talking about eight
adaptogen herbs to help you heal your adrenal glands and reduce stress. And listen, the number of people today that
are struggling with adrenal fatigue is mind boggling. In fact, I’ve seen recent evidence that shows
over 80% of people struggle with fatigue, being overly tired on a regular basis. And you might be that person watching to where
you get tired, maybe 2:00 in the afternoon, you hit that 2:00 coma, you just lack energy,
lack motivation is another warning sign. Maybe feel overwhelmed and frazzled or brain
fog sometimes. All of those are warning signs that you can
have adrenal issues. So today I want to specifically talk about
the eight herbs, these are called adaptogens, that can most help your adrenals, and also
really help any of you that are feeling stressed out. And I absolutely believe this is a message
that everybody needs to know about. So hey, help me spread this message right
now. Take a second and punch your Share button. Let’s help spread the word and save lives
by teaching people how to use food as medicine. And I’ll tell you, the thing I love about
adaptogens, remember this, adaptogens help your body better deal with stress. When you get emotionally stressed, what happens
is your cortisol levels raise. When cortisol stays up high for a long period
of time that’s your adrenals. Your adrenals are working to reduce adrenaline
and cortisol, and a lot of these hormones. And when they are too high for too long, and
eventually can burn out your adrenals, sometimes, then your cortisol can get too low and stay
too low because your body has just shut down. And so what we really want to do on this episode
is I want to teach you the best herbs to really start to support and rejuvenate those adrenal
glands that maybe [inaudible 00:01:51] that you have. And so the first one here I’m going to talk
about is rhodiola rosea. This is an incredible adaptogenic herb. Listen to this, there was a study done recently
on mice, and they found that mice that supplemented with rhodiola rosea, actually had a major
increase, I believe about a 30 to 40% increase in endurance while swimming. So listen, if you’re an athlete, especially,
maybe you’re a swimmer or just in general, you need more endurance, and let me give an
example of endurance. You wake up in the morning, you feel okay. By afternoon, every afternoon, you are just
wiped out, you’re tired. That’s an example of you not having enough
endurance or stamina or same thing, you get in a workout and you can’t keep going. Rhodiola rosea is the type of adaptogen that’s
been shown to improve endurance by the body. And so again, an incredible adaptogen here
in rhodiola rosea, very famous in Ayurvedic medicine in India, one of the absolute best
for fighting adrenal fatigue. Let me share with you. We’re going to jump into schisandra here. But some of the biggest warning signs you
may have adrenal issues are overstressed. Here are some examples, if you have dark colored
circles under your eyes or any sort of eye issues, that’s a big warning sign that your
adrenals are being affected. If you are a person who has major sugar cravings,
that’s a big warning sign. If you’re a person who gets a good night’s
sleep and you wake up the next morning and you are still tired and feel like you need
to keep sleeping in, that’s a big warning sign, you have adrenal fatigue. If you just get rattled easily, if you sort
of have outbursts and that type of thing, that can mean you have adrenal fatigue. And again, that 2:00 coma. After lunch you’re tired almost every day,
that’s a big warning sign. And a lot of times also if you have thyroid
problems, oftentimes thyroid and adrenal issues are absolutely interconnected. Those are some warning signs you may have
adrenal issues, are over stressed as well. And another one is lack of motivation. If you just really are not motivated in life,
it can be because your adrenals and some of these organs are just absolutely overwhelmed. Now, schisandra, one of my favorite. Actually, it’s schisandra berry. One of my favorite Chinese medicine supplements. Now schisandra is really unique, in that it
not only supports the adrenals and the kidneys, it also supports the liver. And I really believe if you are under a high
amount of stress and your adrenals are fatigued, this might be my favorite adrenal supplement. Again, it’s called schisandra, sometimes it’s
actually spelled with a Z there, sometimes an S there, but schisandra is a fantastic
supplement to use. It’s part of Chinese medicine and you can
look at adrenal formula. Some adrenal formulas, if it’s a really good
one, will oftentimes have schisandra in there as well. Again, a fantastic adaptogen. Now, another adaptogen I love is holy basil. Now, this isn’t like regular basil. Oftentimes you’ll see with holy basil, it’ll
actually have a purple to it, sometimes it’s all purple, sometimes it’s green, but a lot
of times it has just a little bit of a purple mix to it. But holy basil is an herb, another one that’s
famous in Ayurvedic medicine and it’s also known as tulsi, and this can oftentimes be
taken as a tea. Also, it’s oftentimes used as an essential
oil. So you get a holy basil, really powerful adaptogen
that is used quite frequently in Ayurvedic medicine. The thing I love about the holy basil as well
is its good not just for adrenals, it’s good for your hormones of your entire body. If you have PCOS or PMS or going through menopause
or any of those issues, holy basil is a great herb to do for your adrenals, but also for
your entire body naturally balancing out hormone production. So again, you can do it as a tea, you can
do several drops on your neck as an essential oil or take a straight holy basil supplement
or sometimes, holy basil is found in blends, different adrenal or thyroid support of blends
there as well. Another one of my favorite, so we’ve talked
about Ayurvedic medicine, Chinese medicine. We have another famed adaptogen in Chinese
medicine here. And it’s called reishi mushroom. Now reishi is a fungi, it’s not necessarily
an herb, but it is absolutely an adaptogen. And reishi is known as the mushroom of immortality,
it extends life, support anti-aging, and helps balance out those cortisol levels. Also, reishi is a cancer fighter, it’s one
of the most powerful anti-cancer mushrooms, probably the most powerful anti-cancer mushroom
that’s available today. So again, reishi, you can do it as a tea,
you can do it as a supplement. I want to mention this with your body’s fight
or flight response. When you get emotionally worked up, here’s
what happens, or really stressed out. This would happen in the past, let’s say a
bear was chasing you. Put your body in something called fight or
flight response. Either you’re going to fight or you’re going
to fly from the response. But in a fight or flight response, your sympathetic
nervous system gets high and your cortisol level is raised. Now, a lot of us, we don’t have bears or lions
or tigers chasing us, but what we do have is stress at work, stress at home, stress,
stress, stress. We have visual stimulus of computers and cell
phones and all of these things that keep our cortisol and our sympathetics really high. And remember, it supposed to be an ebb and
flow and a balance in your life. For a lot of us, we live in that state so
much we never get brought down to balance. So it wears out our body over time. You want to increase your parasympathetic
nerve system and response. Adaptogenic herbs help increase that parasympathetic
nerve system. Now, the king Ayurvedic medicine for the thyroid. Now, this is good for adrenals as well, but
it’s ashwagandha. And I’ll say this, if you have a thyroid problem,
ashwaganda is the number one herb you should be taking on a regular basis or a blend of
both ashwaganda and other adaptogenic herbs. Ashwaganda is amazing for both the thyroid
and the adrenals together. So thyroid adrenal issues, especially if you
have both, ashwaganda is one of the most powerful. I mean, the studies on ashwaganda as well
for anti-aging of your joints, for fighting autoimmune disease, a number of conditions. Ashwaganda is powerful, and endurance, and
stamina, it is the king of adaptogens in my book. Number six here is licorice root extract. Now, licorice root specifically supports the
stomach indigestion. Actually, it’s been shown to, if you have
ulcers which are due to stress, right? So if you get mostly stressed and you get
an ulcer from all the stress, licorice root is the number one herb to help with ulcers. But in general, it helps as an adaptogen for
lowering stress but also supports your upper GI system, your stomach and your small intestine
area. Licorice root, an incredible herb used in
Chinese medicine. Number seven here is ginseng. Ginseng is probably known as the first and
most well-known of all the adaptogenic herbs. And this is the biggest one. If you need an energy boost, ginseng is probably
the best for noticing improvement in your energy immediately. So this is great to do like pre workout, you
want to really get energized before workout, ginseng is great. But specifically, if you struggle with low
energy all day, ginseng is the most powerful adaptogenic herb. And last but not least is astragalus. Astragalus is for those who get too damp in
the body. If you have a loose stool, if you have candida
issues, white coating on your tongue and you just really feel, I’m going to use the word
sluggish, if you feel sluggish and lethargic, and have any of those issues like candida,
astragalus helps nourish the spleen and works as an adaptogenic herb. It works as a natural immune booster but also
helps dry up that excess mucus and fluid and candida and those types of things in the body
as well. So astragalus, powerful herb used in Chinese
medicine to reduce dampness and reduce stress on the body, especially with the digestive
system. Now, I want to mention this guys, I want to
encourage you. Get some of these powerful adaptogenic herbs
in your diet and listen, I also want to recommend reducing stress, that’s another big one. So listen, you can’t just take adaptogens,
and if you’ve got this really stressed life, all of a sudden everything gets better. You really want to practice spending more
time outdoors, working out, doing lunch, really scheduling in things you love to do and you
love to reduce stress, schedule those in. Schedule a healing bath and some Epsom salts
and some lavender oil. Just start incorporating things to reduce
stress. And then in addition to that, start consuming
some of these adaptogenic herbs, you’re going to notice a big difference. And I want to mention this finally. There are so many people today who are over
stressed. Think about the most overstressed people in
your life, whether it’s a parent or a spouse or a friend or relative, somebody that’s just
really high strung. Share this message with them, take this video,
email to somebody, share it with them on their phone, send them a text, but more people need
to know this information on how to overcome adrenal fatigue and stress by using adaptogenic
herbs. Hey, guys, it’s been me, Dr. Josh Axe, talking
about how to overcome adrenal fatigue. I’ll be back tomorrow at 10:30 a.m., Central
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