7 Helpful Hand Exercises for Parkinson’s Etc. Improve Handwriting, Flexibility, & Dexterity.

7 Helpful Hand Exercises for Parkinson’s Etc. Improve Handwriting, Flexibility, & Dexterity.

Hi folks, I’m Bob Schrupp physical therapist, Brad Heineck, physical therapist. Together we are the most famous physical therapists on the internet In our opinions of course. We got everybody’s attention there Brad. That’s gonna be on yeah. Seven helpful hand exercises for Parkinson’s and so on and when I say and so on or etc I mean stroke, arthritis, maybe after you’ve been in a cast and you’re trying to get things stronger, after trauma, This is to improve your handwriting, flexibility, dexterity, all those things strength, That’s gonna help all four of those. So it all comes together. By the way if you are new to our channel Please take a second to subscribe to us We provide videos on us on how to stay healthy, fit, pain-free, and we upload everyday also please go over to Facebook and “like” us because as children, we weren’t liked, we were picked on, ostracized I think it was just a sad story yeah, and it’s not really true, by the way. Yeah, we’re trying to turn things around. It was a good story. All right first one Brad we’re gonna do, we’ll try to do these in somewhat real time alright, so What time is it well a minute into the video here? Let’s start off with the first one. Let’s do 15 reps. Ok so tabletop to claw. So tabletop, fingers need to be straight. Three, four, five, Six can we do both hands at once? Eight, I got a disabled hand there, nine, ten So you can see what we’re doing, You should be able to see it. Right, now if you’ve got a problem this is gonna take some practice. Okay straight fist now, this is called a straight fist. Your fingers are coming all the way down like this now Straight fist, open all the way up, straight fist, open all the way up, again uou can do both hands if you want. Open all the way up. The thumb stays still on this one? Yeah, the thumb is not participating in this one. I bet you find, it does start to burn doesn’t it. Especially if your arm’s not supported. You may want to use a table and support it. Yeah, there you go. All right, we must be getting close, 14, 15. So for those with stroke or Parkinson’s take your time. These guys are gonna be difficult All right full fist now. Now you’re curling the fingers all the way up and you are bringing the thumb in too. Curling all the way up, two. Curling it all the way up, three, four, five keep going Brad six That full fist. I wasn’t sure what he was talking about when he said straight fist before, but first the fingers are straight then curl right up into the palm All right I’m getting my table up. You gotta work for yours. All right next one Brad Number four you’re gonna tap the thumb pad to the finger pad on each side and then reverse it Okay, so it’s really one two three four five six seven eight four five six seven eight Two three four five six seven eight one two three four five six seven eight and When you get fatigued you might just want to stop and shake that hand out. I’m definitely feeling it, are you? I’m not doing this for show-tell Bob. I need a rest. I lost my count there Okay, how about do 2 more 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 1 2 3 4 5? A little way to keep that try 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 and the second time 2 2 3 4 5 6 7 8. Oh yeah, that’s a lot easier. I learned that In sixth grade when I was going through music class. We’re going to do some wrist flexion. Wrist flexion and wrist extension. That’s a good one to do, off to the side here. 2 3 Fingers are relatively straight on this, isolating the wrist. 6 on this one You may want to start off with maybe even five reps, work up to ten reps And then eventually get up to that 15, but it definitely can feel You know I can feel the burn here Oh, yeah the muscles way up in the Forearm or doing a lot of work with this one. These muscles go all the way up into the hands So that’s why we’re including those. Next one: forearm supination and pronation. So that’s turning. Keeping the elbow into your side here, and you’re going So we’ll just turning it that way. Three, four Five, You’re tight! This hand in particular I can do much farther with the left. Hey, what’d you do? I don’t know Bob. I was trying to figure that out myself and Can you see how he can’t get his thumb down yeahThis one there was about 20 degrees difference there. I’ve got anomalies. The final one, number seven we’re gonna go ahead and just do radial deviation, ulner deviations, so what is this, a karate chop? Well it’s like if you’re swinging a hammer. It’s very useful. We really didn’t do well on counting this time. We’re gonna do ten on the next rep here because what we’re gonna do now, you’ve done the seven now you can if you want it. Yeah. Shake it out, and if it isn’t hard enough already We’re gonna make it harder. We’re gonna use a little device here. This is called the “Handii Healthy Hands” and they come in a pack of four and our good friends from OPTP have these I’ll put it down in the list below I’ll put a link down below. You can take a rubber band out of your junk drawer If you want they kind of work, but these work a little bit better, yeah And that’s that’s what they said, that these actually…I saw comments on this and they said they used to use rubber bands But these work a lot better, because you can see each finger’s got a spot So now we’re gonna go ahead and do this whole program again, but this time we’re gonna do it with this in place. So we’re gonna start off at the tabletop. We’ll just do ten Brad. Okay, okay tabletop claw one Tabletop claw three, four, these are harder. It’s amazing what a little bit of resistance does. Seven eight Nine. We might have to go down to five. It’s actually really difficult I’m gonna go down here. The yellow one is probably the easiest one. I probably have the hardest one Yeah, the green. No you got the green. I had a second hardest one I brought the red because I thought it’d show up better. I’m doing the straight fist. Straight fist and then we’re going out to the tabletop. Oh we’re supposed to go all the way up. That’s straight fist all the way up, straight fist all the way up. We’re gonna get our act together here yet. All right now full fist so now you’re curling Oh, this is tough. Isn’t it? Holy moly. Let’s do five. It’s embarrassing sometimes. I’m not gonna be able get through the day. You’ll be getting hand cramps writing notes later. Now we’re gonna tap thumb pad to finger pads Another tough one. Especially when you open up. This really works for the extensors, the muscles that open that hand up. I’m trying to get through this Brad. Well toughen up, breathe. And this is number five right there That’s good. Okay. All right. I think we’re done with this thing boy These are like little torture devices But they’re actually really good for that reason. You’re gonna shake those muscles off. Shake it out. When you want to work on the strength of your hand, these babies will work. Yeah, this is even more high-tech, huh? Yeah, now we’re gonna do some wrist flexion extension, and you can start off just by taking a hammer And you’re gonna go ahead and work wrist extension You can use a dumbbell or you can use a hammer But we’re going to show something that the hammer really works well with coming up You can also turn over and do some wrist flexion. So going up like this And there’s different sized hammers. There’s a size for you. We should have brought a sledgehammer for a really beefy popeye for arms Okay, now we’re gonna go ahead and do the supination and this is where this really pays off This is the beauty of the hammer. If it’s too hard you can start here and just work back and forth this way and then when you get stronger you go to the end of the handle and now you’re working it a lot harder Not only that, like for me I have a tight supination that the hammer helps stretch it out. So I can just add a little stretch here with my finger That’s working out good, if I do this every day for a week, I’m gonna have that full supination. Then we can go ahead and do the last one where we’re basically hammering. Up like this. That’s where you get that good control. You know those people that do the finish work They’re putting trim on and they really got good control, so you know if someone had Parkinson’s or a stroke And they want to get back to some carpentry work this is right in line. They all used nail hammers or pneumatic hammers If they’re doing some fine stuff, they may really hurt their old fashioned like me. Anybody could use a nail hammer. Use a real claw hammer. My brother’s a carpenter and he’s got big forearms. When he’s golfing. Give him the grip test. Put that thing to the end of the limit. All right We didn’t do that as clean as we should have, but you got the idea of which exercises to do I think people are gonna get a really good start with this. These are really good exercises, and if you have Parkinson’s, these are gonna help you overall maintain your handwriting and flexibility as long as possible. If they did this five days a week We should probably give that wrist a little time to relax. You know seven days a week for something like this would be overdoing it right away. Might want to do it every other day You bet. Alright thanks everybody for watching. You

14 comments on “7 Helpful Hand Exercises for Parkinson’s Etc. Improve Handwriting, Flexibility, & Dexterity.

  1. Carol Weaver Post author

    Good for anyone, really. I am on Advisory bd for an adult home. Would be good for them. Even for me, as to not end up with any problems with stiffness etc. TY

  2. Rakesh vlogs G Post author

    For a stroke person after surgery 3years overed, still the hand is full stiff, movement is there. Fingers can be closed but couldn't open up. When he sleep hand is normal but when walks hand pulled up with stiffness.

  3. Doctor Red Post author

    Long time caller, first time listener. This is great! Easier to do when the Sinemet is in full effect. Thank you, gentlemen.

  4. Chris MacNaughton Post author

    Looks like Brad has rotator cuff problem on the right arm. The shoulder difficulty affects rotation of the wrist.

  5. Andrew - Ajaw R. Post author

    Youtube Navigation/Abstract
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    0:21 Introduction Treatment / Exercises
    15 repitions each
    1:15 *1.*Exercise Tabletop / Claw
    1:52 *2.*Straight Fist – Thumb stationary. Fingers Open and close to the palm.
    2:29 *3.*Curl Fist incl. the Thumb
    3:04 *4.*Tab Thumb to each finger – reverse it. Fatigue? -> Short break 🙂
    4:08 *5.*Wrist Flexion and Extension
    4:47 *6.*Pro/Suppination Thumb (5:20 Strech possiblilty )
    5:25 *7*Radial/Ulnar Deviation
    5:50 Shacke it out 🙂

    Another Try with Resistence:
    5:59 Handii Healthy Hands [Link] – Usage with the Whole Programm again
    6:38 Tabletop
    7:05 Straight Fist
    7:29 Full Fist
    7:50 Thumb tab to the Fingers
    8:12 Shacke it 8:30 Wrift Flex / Extension with a Hammer / Dumbell (Any resistant)
    9:00 Supination / Pronation with Hammer
    9:35 Hammering (Ulna/Radial)

    10:50 Thanks for Watching ^.^

  6. grace purg Post author

    i was advised to give a try on Total cure herbal foundation herbal formula by my doctors which i truly did and the herbal treatment help me get rid Parkinson disease PD within the short period of 15 weeks usage,please do not hesitate to place an order from them at www.totalcureherbsfoundation.com because the herbal products relief me automatically and terminated all the symptoms.

  7. sunsp0ts Post author

    Three months after I began watching Bob and Brad's videos, I lost my sense of humor and my wife left me.


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