7 Best Natural Remedies for Diabetes

7 Best Natural Remedies for Diabetes

let’s go over natural remedies for
diabetes next first thing you want to do is exercise regular I don’t know why
because exercising is pretty normal but make sure you work
with your position to exercise regularly and just start out with a simple
5-minute walk a day if you start out with 5 minutes of walking a day and
build that up over time add five minutes a week add two minutes a week add what you
can a week and then do five minutes a day per day that’s it walk to your
mailbox and back do something yeah just get off the couch and move so diabetes
in exercise is huge because it helps increase your insulin activity which
then decreases your blood sugar yeah so also the next one is to increase your
fiber intake so this helps with digestion of carbs and decreases your
blood sugar natural sources of fiber include vegetables low sugar fruits like
berries whole grains and legumes so check out the chart that we have linked
to below for some low sugar foods that you can eat in moderation and that’s our
green smoothie chart as well and some people have had that chart for a while
yeah we actually just updated about four months ago so if you haven’t downloaded
it in the last four months it’s even more updated it looks a little better I
think and it’s a lot easier to read down so the next tip for natural remedies for
diabetes is control your carbohydrate intake I know it doesn’t sound fun but
cards convert directly into glucose and glucose is sugar which is hard for your
body to process if you’re a diabetic eating a high fat low carb
diet can help tremendously but that doesn’t mean bad fats you have to eat
healthy fats that were talked about in nauseam here in this episode in the show
but just make sure you’re eating healthy fats so like avocados whole foods fruits
and vegetables nuts are healthy fats coconut oil olive oil organic coconut
oil and organic olive oil are going to help tremendously we also put a video in the
description about the keto diet that we talked about a little bit keto can be
very unhealthy if you don’t do it right so make sure you watch that video if you
have any questions comment on that video movie happy to answer them yeah so the
next one is practicing portion control so avoid eating entire boxes of cookies
bags of chips maybe avoid eating those things any
way if you can avoid all-you-can-eat buffets you know you’re really not
saving money by going to those places because you’re going to have a big medical
bill anyway if you eat there too often you know
every once in a while is fine everything in moderation but one of the easiest
ways to practice portion control is to drink 16 ounces of water before every
meal so that’ll help you keep you a little bit more full than you normally
would be and also use smaller plates so instead of the big dinner plates that
you normally think of when you have dinner we actually use smaller plates
because it tricks your brain into thinking that you’re eating more and so
the next tip is what she was just going along the lines of drinking more water
is huge because if you drink 16 to 32 ounces before every meal you’ll eat
significantly less and you won’t go back for seconds because you’ll be full
longer with that water and we recommend 16 ounces at least before every single
meal breakfast lunch and dinner and then we recommend 16 to 32 ounces of water
right when you wake up in the morning that’s going to actually increase your
metabolism and help you lose weight because it just kind of gives you a
supercharged boost in the morning for your metabolism and for your energy as
well and then avoid sugary beverages like soda and pop and even diet pop
sugary coffee drinks sports drinks and just replace it with filtered water
if you think water is boring put lemon wedges in it lime wedges strawberry
infuse it with cucumber whatever you like to add flavor with add therapeutic
grade is central oils you can add a drop in of your water of lime or lemon and
that makes it taste a lot better too yeah so the next one is manage stress
and get more sleep so this plays a huge role in your body’s ability to recover
from all different types of things including inflammation so you want to
make sure that you get seven to eight hours of sleep every night try to go to
sleep at the same time every night and wake up at the same time every
morning practice relaxation techniques throughout your day we have so many
relaxation tips all you have to do is implement one but you can click the link
in the description and find out more about that because all of them are
awesome start with one you don’t do them
all at once yeah we didn’t do them all at once but we do them most of them now
and just implement one at a time and same
all these natural remedies just implement one at a time if you try to do
them all you’ll fail and you’ll go right back to how you were in the first place
so final tip on natural remedies for diabetic care is lose weight sounds
simple but if you do any of the above you’re going to lose weight so all the
tips will help you shed pounds naturally and then making sure that you just eat a
plant-based anti-inflammatory diet is going to help out with that tremendously
as well again our smoothie chart is in the description so make sure you click
that and if you can’t find it just let me know that I’ll post a link to it and then
you can get new version of smoothie to turn on so green smoothies in the
morning are my favorite part of our regimen and it worked so well I know so
give up a processed food share talked about that chips cookies anything in a
box or can stop eating fast food there is some okay fast food but most of the
time it’s fried it’s not good for you and just eat plants leafy green
vegetables are huge but the big stat I want you to take home with the losing
weight part is a 7% reduction in weight loss decreases your risk for diabetes by
55 percent and so what that means is that if you’re 200 pounds and you drop
to 186 because that’s 7 percent 7 percent is 14 pounds so if you drop to
186 you decrease your risk by diabetes in half and so that’s huge to me yeah so
I want to talk a little bit about a patient I had when we were practicing
down in South Carolina and this was actually a really neat story it wasn’t
neat at the time it was actually scary at the time but this patient was
probably close to 250 pounds and she came in a lot she was very fun we loved
her everybody loved her and she loved her she had a family member that was in
optometry so she always got the coolest glasses that we had and she’d buy
like multiples and she’d buy the fun ones well she came back in a week later
after her one of her latest appointments and she couldn’t see that well and so I
checked her prescription and she shifted by almost a full diopter and
prescription in her glasses and so I didn’t change it then because I knew
something was up and I actually just changed it with her contact lenses and I
sent her to her physician but she didn’t actually go and I was going to see her back
a month after she saw her physician but she never really came back and she got
kind of find I got lost at follow-up and then four or five months later she came
back and she told me that she actually went into a diabetic crisis which is
where your blood sugar is so high for so long you pretty much go into a coma you
go unconscious they take you to the yard luckily she was able to recover she thinks she’s going to die yeah we just went over she actually implemented we actually go
over everything that we talked about all the natural remedies in this book and a
step-by-step format so head to dryeyebook.com to get that but going back to that story she recovered and she didn’t just recover she is amazing now so if
she dropped like a hundred pounds and now she runs half marathons but she
can’t even think to eat a carbohydrate like bread or like a doughnut it gives
her a headache it does us as well and so when you start to eat clean your
body gets filled with energy you lose weight you lose disease she was on
medications for diabetes high blood pressure high cholesterol and she
dropped everything with that weight loss and so she’s pretty much healthy now and
she does have marathons so it’s an incredible story and I’ll never forget her
I know you saw her quite a few follow-ups to because we never because
she had like six pairs of glasses so we couldn’t remake them all until we had
that prescription stabilized and so we kept seeing her every month and just
gave her new contacts and that’s what we did because her prescription was
all over the place that’s just through the diabetes because
the lens in your eye swells with diabetes that’s just a pretty crazy
story and you know you might be wondering why are you guys talking about
diabetes this is the dry eye syndrome support community and the dry eye show
well we talk about these things because you know diabetes is important anyway
because so many Americans are suffering from diabetes and if it’s not you then
it’s a friend of yours or a family member of yours so they need these tips
you need these tips because these tips are also going to help you treat your
dry eyes everything that we just talked about or things that we talk about all
the time that you need to do to you know really live a healthier lifestyle and to
heal your dry eye and so that’s really what we want you to learn and this book
is going to really teach you how to do all of that yeah so again visit the link in
the description to read more about not only diabetes and then don’t forget to
visit dryeyebook.com to check out our free book for a limited time you just
have to pay shipping you can also get the mp3 version of the book right here
it’s it’s an audio book for you and you just hit play and it will read it out
for you and you can listen to us and you can afford us you’re familiar with this so don’t
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from this video absolutely dryeyebook.com thank you so much for watching

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    Thank you, for your tips on Diabetes, many of the "tips" I have been doing on my own for quite a while but, than I get "lazy". It is not easy as you say but I will keep on doing my exercises and controlling my diet. Thank you again and my best wishes to you both.


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