5 Safe Ab Exercises for Low Back Pain (DO THIS, NOT THAT!!)

5 Safe Ab Exercises for Low Back Pain (DO THIS, NOT THAT!!)

Hi, guys! I’m trainer Amy Jo with ATHLEANXX for Women,
and today we’re going to discuss safe ab exercises if you have back problems. Okay, so the very first exercise that we want
to discuss is crunches for the abs. As we know, a lot of back problems can come
from doing crunches wrong, or abdominal work without proper form, or maybe you just have
chronic back issues from everyday life, or an injury that you’ve had. One of the most effective ways is to elevate
the feet for crunches. So placing your heels on a step, or raising
them up can help push the back flat, into the pad because the biggest problem is when
you’re raising that low back up, and trying to crunch. So it’s not even allowing you to work your
abdominals properly. You’re using your hip flexors, which is pulling
on the middle of your spine. So elevating the feet automatically pushes
that back flat, and then you can perform crunches right here. So let’s do 15, keeping the feet elevated,
or you can go, tuck them in, here. Usually this works a little bit more effectively
because it allows your feet to relax, and force the back into the pad. So we’ll do 15 crunches here, pushing the
back into the pad. Five more. Four, three, two. Last one. Excellent. Good. Then the other one is when your knees are
up, already your back is flat right here, in this position. Or it should be. So work on that, right here. Maintaining back flat against the pad. Then you’re going to lift up. So from this position right here, not lowering
any further, you’re driving up, and then back down. So I’m in a perfect “L” shape right here. Knees are right above my hips, and then I
raise up, and then back down. So contracting the abs at the top. We’ll do 15 of these. 12, 11. And I’m not lowering any further from here,
down. This is my start. This is my finish. Eight, seven, six, five. It keeps the focus on the core. Four. And doesn’t put my back in a vulnerable position. Three. Up, and squeeze. Two. Last one. Great. Nice job. So the next one I want to move into is ball
crunches. The stability ball is an extra piece of equipment
that can really support the low back and you can make it harder by adding some weight to
it if you prefer. So rolling forward, make sure the low back
is right, cupped into the ball. So you can go no weight at all, or you can
use a medicine ball here. We’ll do 15. On each exercise you really don’t need to
go more than 20, or 25 for it to be really efficient. If you’re doing multiple ab exercises, that
is. Unless you’re doing a 100 crunch challenge,
or something crazy like that. We’ve been known to do it. Five more here. Up, and squeeze. So I’m pushing my low back into the ball. Once again, this helps support the low back,
the mid back, and reduces vulnerability on the spine. Five more. Five. And add intensity. You can press. Five, four, three, two. Last one. One. Great. Okay, then the very last – well, two more. But the last one is going to be a technique. So this one is a high plank. Sometimes the low plank can’t give you as
much of a foundation for the abs. So your low back starts to sink in, down here. The high plank allows you to be a little bit
stronger, and take some of the force into the arms, and you can hold it by starting
here. So if planks are difficult for you, or you’re
feeling it in your back begin with a high plank first. Feet together is going to be a little more
difficult. Feet wide gives you a wider stance, and supports
the back more as well. Same thing. Holding. You can just hold 30 seconds, or as long as
you can, keeping – not the butt up too high, not the butt too low – tuck it in right
here, and you can hold 30 seconds, and then you can go back around throughout all those
exercises. Once again though, if anything hurts, don’t
do it. It’s not worth it. So find positioning, find ways to make sure
that you shorten the range of motion, and that you’re targeting the core without injuring
your back more. So one other exercise, the very last thing,
is more of a technique than anything. When you’re driving, when you’re at your desk
you can do what we call the “vacuum exercise”. That’s when you’re tightening, pulling in
the stomach, counting 10 seconds to 15 seconds, and you’re doing that four, or five rounds. So it’s vacuuming in, holding, holding, you
can keep breathing while you’re pulling in, and that’s working that transverse muscle
which is underneath the rectus abdominus; the six pack. Then you release it. Then you’re doing it again, vacuuming it in,
pulling those abs in as tight as you can. Hold it. Hold it. And release it. Do four, to five sets of those 15 seconds. I do them while I’m driving, I do them at
work, if I’m doing some computer work, it’s a great time to just hold it in. If you’re watching TV at night it’s a great
way to train your abdominals because you get more of that mental, mind-muscle connection,
the more you’re training a muscle group. Try those. Leave me a comment below, let me know how
you guys feel on these ones. Back problems are going to happen. Injuries are going to happen. So make sure you’re protecting yourself and
your body so you can continue and have longevity in fitness. All right, thanks for joining me. I’m Amy Jo. We’ll see you next time.

74 comments on “5 Safe Ab Exercises for Low Back Pain (DO THIS, NOT THAT!!)

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