3 Tips For Knee Cartilage Problems-How to heal your knees without surgery- Knee Therapy-El Paso, TX

3 Tips For Knee Cartilage Problems-How to heal your knees without surgery- Knee Therapy-El Paso, TX

Hey guys, it’s Dr.. David physical therapist here, and I’m going to cover with you today Three tips that you can start to implement if you have knee pain particularly if it’s coming from a meniscus problem Or some other cartilage problem in the knee like the cartilage behind your kneecap or on the front end of your thigh bone the femur So here we go to tip number one research shows that Cartilage is most helped by some sort of low resistance high repetition exercise Let me show you a super simple one that you can do just about anywhere All you need is somewhere where you can sit or your feet dangle a little bit This is called tailgate swing so you sit somewhere like this where your beacon dangle And you just move your legs like this back and forth You’re moving the cartilage inside your knees in a way. That is not putting pressure on it And you’re causing that fluid inside the Joint the synovial fluid To move around that’s what gives nutrition to the joints more so than blood cartilage Hardly has a good blood supply. [ten] is number two a Using a body with little to no resistance at all I can do business You don’t want to put pressure on the knee on [the] cartilage of the Meniscus, and so just crudely like this It’s [efficient] convenient you got to be here for [about] 10 to 20 if you can tolerate it 30 minutes The nice thing about this. It doesn’t mean you basically need all the way that that can be uncomfortable. You’re not standing You’re not walking so it’s not as much pressure as it is then Then that’ll be a bike like [this] that [has] the arm moving launched to be one that fixed arm and just Ride nice, and easy you can also use a recumbent bike from what it’s got a backrest And we back trapeze or a good thing go And you come right there that works fine [to] doing this? Three to five times a week for about 20 minutes is a great place to start rehabilitating the cartilage problems here [deep] this is exercise tip number two be using the Rowing machine Light resistance on the knees. It’s not [putting] your full body weight like you would when you’re running and It’s Irex want to be here for a while, so using this about three times a week [twenty] minutes at a time up to five times a week. I think it’s great You’re going to get the benefit of moving around that fluid inside the knee the synovial the Joint [fluid] which helps [to] nourish that cartilage which [is] super important for Fixing a meniscus problem or a cartilage problem, so what you want to do is Make sure that you keep your knees from touching [you’re] coming together You’ll want to about as wide as your feet even [a] little bit wide about two-fifths width apart grab the handle on here wide enough so that you’re not forcing your keyed in when you come in so a lot of people make the [mistake] of grabbing narrow and Then when they come like this either coming together to stay inside their arms or grass lies you can keep your knees wide And then you just cruise You can get a heck of a workout here Which I like I like this Personally over the bike. It’s not the bikes not wrong. You can definitely use if I can still get the same benefit I just like this because I feel like I did a better work out of here for me. I guess it’s my own arm here’s the third exercise tip for helping out a cartilage problem in the knee or a meniscus problem in the knee and this is a secret one that a lot of people don’t really get to and They’re missing out from some tremendous benefit from this. It doesn’t always make sense it’s probably why they overlooked it or don’t pay attention to it, but you have to get stronger glutes the Booty muscle, and this is one of my favorite ways [to] get this strong now pay attention [here] This is a very commonly done exercise, but it’s commonly done wrong This is a clamshell exercise and here’s how you line it up. So you’re going to lay on your side Put your feet on top of each other then pay attention to your knees get that top knee to stick out forward by rolling your hips forward and then you’re going to lift your knee up and hold it [there] for about 10 seconds And I would do about 10 reps like this and what you should feel is the butt Burning after a while may take two or three reps to start so [to] work After 10 seconds, you can come back down, and then do it again And you have to make sure that this front knee this top knee is sticking out forward past the bottom knee The biggest way people mess this up if they roll back because it’s easier to lift here But then they start feeling the muscles here on the front of the hip and then the thigh working And that’s not going to help you out in this case. It’s not working the glutes It’s working the front of the hip the hip flexors in the quads You want to make sure you roll forward like this you feel like [you’re] [turning] Forward this way, and you’ll get the glutes going the muscle That’s right under your back pocket is which that wraps up your [3] tips just to review them one more time tailgate [swinging] sit somewhere where your legs hang and just swing them [back] and forth and You can do that for 5 10 [15] minutes you do it all day long as long as it’s not bothering your knees The second was some low resistance high repetition exercise Like the bike or a rowing machine [and] you can use an outdoor bike that works for the well, too just be careful with the resistance if you’re going up hills you’re going to encounter some more resistance likely and Then the third one is getting your glutes stronger. We went over the clamshell exercise Which is just one way to get the glutes stronger. There’s an Infinite amount of ways. It’s really up to your imagination or whatever you can Whatever you find comfortable whatever you find that works your glutes out the most as always you’re welcome to get in touch with us if you have any questions our Goal is to help people get off pain medications avoid surgery and get back to an active and healthy Lifestyle, and if your knee is stopping you from doing that we love to [talk] to and help you out. Thanks. Have a great day

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  1. jorge rodriguez Post author

    The tear on my meniscus is multi-directional on the left knee which occurred just over a year ago. the specialist my doctor sent me to said it wouldn't heal and that I needed the operation. they took rays and MRI. I decided to go through an alternative approach. iv'e been taking supplements including flax oil to aid in the healing process. although it hasn't healed completely the swelling went down significantly and I feel my knee is slowly healing. it feels better but still hurts at times and I cant straighten my knee all the way, when I make quick sudden turns I sometimes still hear it snap. do you think I can progress in my healing doctor once I start on your tips? I am so grateful I found you.

  2. smart thought Post author

    I have a grade 3 meniscal tear.
    Will these help?
    I literally need to push my meniscus with hand back into the joint to avoid locking

    Do you think this will help??

  3. Morgan Morgan Post author

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  4. Ant Man Post author

    I like to add a comment about the leg swinging off the table I saw a another doctor video where you at 10 lb ankle weights each leg works great… Thanks for the helpful video.

  5. Ant Man Post author

    Thanks for the helpful video I saw a another video similar to the leg swinging with 10 lb ankle weights I think that will work great also some of these YouTube videos give me more better advice than my orthopedic doctor LOL cortisone is just about to wear out

  6. tally4u Post author

    I had a ligament rupture in my right knee 20 years back, due to this my knee gets locked for some time later after adjusting my leg here and there it gets freed. Doctors say you have get operated and put an artificial ligament, but i am afraid of all that, is there a way to solve this problem

  7. Shirley Howard Post author

    Does this help with rheumatoid arthritis in knees that are very painful even with RA drugs?

  8. Ammar Keylani Post author

    The true benefits of a clip about knee problems should not include Gim machinery ! Once you achieve that I would then listen to your clip!

  9. Selena Jones Post author

    What about ,,,
    ,,if your an threw long distances hiker ,,,,does it REALY help you to lay on your back & bicycle or pedal your legs up in the air,,,,????
    cuz if your hiking for hours ,,& hours ,,,,,& your on the trail you can't allways find that height,,,??

  10. Christine Pendleton Post author

    Thank you! Trying so hard to avoid scheduled Complete knee replacement surgery for my right knee. Surgery date in July 24th. I am not ready for surgery. I need to be able to walk without a limp though ..

  11. sarveshwar reddy Post author

    I have meniscus problem with my right knee 1 year before but I'm able to walk and run .when there is any twist sidewards I feel slight dislocation of my bone and pain.Tell me the best way to cure this and back to action like an athelete

  12. Kevin O'Connor Post author

    I’ve had ACL reconstruction with an implant thing for the cartilage years ago and well it’s not perfect but 90% of the time I’m doing my sports pain free. The other 10% is when I twist it wrong and it will swell up for a few weeks and I’ll just rest. So it swelled up yesterday and I feel like I can do the glute workout but can I do the low resistant high rep thing now or should I wait for the swelling and pain to subside? When is it good to start?

  13. susana rossini Post author

    A thousand times thank you . I subscribed . Facing knee replacement in approx. 2 months . Didn’t know how to exercise . Great video .

  14. Almtyhalfbreed Post author

    What about your shoulder? I just had a cartilage damage in my shoulder AND I Don't want surgery.

  15. Corena S Post author

    Great exercises. I have Meniscus tears and exercise has kept me from surgery. After surgery u well still need Physical Therapy and will then have scar tissue in the knee which can pose problems..

  16. sobordinates Post author

    So basically I thought knees crunching were normal for everybody until I discovered I had crepitus like last week. I have no pain and I play a lot of sports and go bike riding but I still have the annoying sound.
    My question is that will I need surgery if I want to stop any other complications in the future?

  17. Tania Abellan Post author

    this is great!!!!! I had thought about how these simple things are working but didnt know why. THANK YOU

  18. Nick Dimitrijevic Post author

    Medial meniscus tear. Would prefer not having surgery. Avid squash & tennis player. Any advice ?

  19. Zehra Sabo Post author

    Hello.Unfortunately I have thinning and weakness in my curciate ligament due to a cyst(edema) caused by severe exercise…Arr there there movements which can strenghten the ligament again.Thank you🙏

  20. Kine With PS Post author

    Sir thanks for this guidance…i have Interasubstance tear of posterior horn of medial meniscus….dose same exercises can be done….must and please

  21. CallMeGon Post author

    Biking just like that is for sure ,For me is highly appreciated n it's so true ,mine was like that can't pending but I did the biking and that's my cure no matter how pain it was I keep biking n my cure. thanks.

  22. Bennetta White Post author

    Thank you so much this is wonderful, wonderful ,information. (😃😃 I will try all of these exercises. again,
    (thank you so much for this post.😁😁

  23. Bob Brawley Post author

    I have watch a lot of videos on knee pain exercises

    This video makes the most sense . To lubricate the knee do high rep low resistance exercises.. . Sounds right


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