Hello everyone, this is James Lu from
Lu Strength &Therapy and in this video we’ll be talking about lower back pain
along with different exercises you can do for pain relief. It is important to
note that not all lower back pain stem from the same cause and that the
exercises in this video are designed to help strengthen the core which is one of
the main reasons for back pain. The causes of lower back pain can vary
however is usually contributed from a lack of stability and or weakness
somewhere in the body which can result in the lower back to compensate. Some
other causes of lower back pain, specifically in the weightlifting
community is simply hyperextending the lower back during squats along with
deadlifts and not knowing how to engage the core properly. Other common causes
are simply sitting for long duration which shorten the hip flexors along with
poor movement patterns whether it’s picking up something from the ground to
heavy lifting. The goals when rehabilitating the lower back is to
strengthen the muscles that are responsible for stabilizing the lower
back and pelvis these muscles include the abdominals obliques and gluteal
muscles. Depending on the individual stretching and/or releasing the strong
and tight muscles such as the hip flexors and also contribute to correcting
lower back pain. The first exercise are dead bugs. They
are designed to help strengthen the core and are generally safe for anybody
experiencing lower back pain. The main purpose of this exercise is to keep the
abdominal and core region completely engaged throughout the entire range of
motion. To begin simply lay on the ground with your legs bent to 90 degrees with
the arms reach towards the ceiling. Pull the belly button in towards the spine to
engage the abdominals slowly lower one arm and the opposing leg away from the
body If this variation is too difficult or
recreates any pain simply remove the arms from the movement and only lower
the legs to the ground A common mistake during the dead bug is
not activating the core correctly which leads to arching of lower back.
This can be seen by having a ribcage flaring upwards towards the chest. The
second exercise are bird dogs. This exercise is very similar to the dead bug
as it challenges the core and strengthens it without aggravating the
lower back. Begin on a quadruped position by having your hands and knees
on the ground. Be sure that the knees are underneath the hips with the hands
underneath the shoulders. While maintaining a neutral spine lift one arm
up above your head while extending the opposite leg behind. Avoid any twisting
of the torso and pelvis to minimize any compensation from the lower back. To
ensure that you’re performing this correctly, simply add a foam roller or
water bottle on your lower back. If the object is falling off it simply means
that you’re compensating with different muscle groups. The last exercise are side
planks which are designed to strengthen the core specifically the obliques which
can help with core stability. Start by laying on your side on the ground the
hips and knees bent to roughly 45 degrees. Prop yourself up with your elbow
. Be sure to have it underneath your shoulder to avoid any compensation.Begin
by lifting the hips upwards towards the ceiling while maintaining a neutral
spine with the abdominals engaged A common mistake during the side plank
is having the elbows too far away from the hips this would cause unwanted
tension in the shoulders When performing these exercises be sure
to terminate the exercise if there is any aggravation of the lower back and/or
recreation of the symptoms. Aim for total to 15 repetitions for 2 to 3 sets and
perform this routine as often as you can If you enjoyed the video, please like
share and subscribe to the channel if you have any questions related to the
video, please leave a comment down below and we’ll do our best to answer them. See
you guys next time.


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