$20 BEST Back Pain Relief deals ◄ Lower, mid and upper back pain relief

$20 BEST Back Pain Relief deals ◄ Lower, mid and upper back pain relief

– Today. – Save your back and work your abs. – For under 20 bucks. (cash register sound) (upbeat music) – Hi! I’m the YouTube Deal Guy, Matt Granite. – And I’m intern, Cody. – I hunt down huge deals everyday. Cody, a very familiar face to the channel. The more handsome face with the actual better hair and abs. And abs, actually a
focus today, of a pillow, clinically proven, and we’re
gonna have an amazing doctor to show us this in a moment,
where you sit on this cushion. All you have to do is sit, and you are immediately
improving your posture, you’re helping your back, your spine, and working that definition. Cody, I need work on my
definition don’t you think? – Oh yeah, just look at you! – I know, I try.
– I know. – This deal, which is located
right under this video screen which is not a paid product,
it is under 20 bucks. And before we get to
the demonstration, with Doctor Derick, Cody– – Great doctor. – Yes he is. – We are giving these away
to our lucky subscriber. – Yeah, if you are subscribed
with your notifications on so you can hear your name drawn, and you’ve commented
in the last six months, you’re gonna get this giveaway
at the end of this video. And also, I want to point out, there’s actually a very serious
side to today’s savings, other than helping your back. You have an accident in your past where this is actually
making a difference for you. – Yeah, about three years ago
I was in a head-on collision with a drunk driver. I was not drunk, I was
hit by a drunk driver. And my back is messed up forever. That’s what the doctor told me when I went to the emergency room. – Not messed up forever,
and we have a new doctor who’s told you otherwise. And you actually I think are now agreeing. – Oh yeah, it works tremendously. – Before we get to that,
this deal which is located right under the video screen is under $20. M.S.R.P. of over $40, there
are a lot o knock-offs, none of which have the lifetime
warranty, the memory foam. So again, you can open
this clean and easily. This is great for car
rides, tailgatings, sitting. At the office desk where
you spend all of those hours during the day ruining your back, this is an amazing grab
with free shipping. And again, that lifetime
warranty that you will find from Black Mountain Products. Unprecedented. – Matt, something like this
could take a lot of pressure off your back, easy to
use, you just sit on it. It keeps your abs strong and it keeps your hips at the right angle to make sure that you have
pressure off the back. Cody you know that. You were in a car accident. – Yeah, three years ago I was hit. Head-on collision with a drunk driver, and messed up my back. I have like a back of a
50 year old right now. – You can see that something
like this keeps him upright. Improves his posture immediately. It also tightens his abs. These are terrible seats
to be using this on, but even still, you have
support when you use this, Matt. And you’re gonna have less back pain. – My back is feeling amazing
after sitting on this cushion. – That was actually a
really good demonstration. I mean, I’ve been using this but just watching you and Dr. Derick, I’m learning a lot. – Oh it was amazing. – So, you’re saving
money, you’re learning, you’re helping your back, your posture. And Cody how are your abs? – Abs are good. – That’s a really weird thing to say, “Cody, how are your abs?” But, mine are a lost cause. It’s fine. – I know
– Yeah, slowly but surely. – It’s fine, thanks for that.
– No problem. – Okay. – So, now it’s time for the giveaway. Using two buddy’s random selection
tool to find a subscriber who’s commented in the last six months. And you will hear this if you have your notifications turned on. Congratulations Susan J! Just e-mail [email protected]
for your freebie. And a reminder, YouTube recently changed it’s notification setting. Make sure you have all checked, whether it’s on your smartphone or desktop to make sure you never miss a giveaway. And now for the giveaway dance. You won! – Oh no! – It’s okay, is mine
supposed to make this noise? It’s like a cross between
cardboard and marshmallows that don’t like each other. You’re listening to it like I have a baby. – Do it again! Do it again! – So now that we got that out of the way, Cody, how many subscribers
do you think we lost? – Probably half of them. – No no. We’re good. They’re loyal. You’re wonderful.
– Amazing. – You know that grotesque
imagery you enjoyed today is just a thing of the past. And, a reminder that if
you are not yet subscribed and you are watching this… Yes, you will be signed up for giveaways. Yes, you will save an
enormement amount of cash. But you will also be
singed up for our huge doorbusters delivered early. – Yes, we have all of these
crazy Black Friday deals coming right to you. – And, Cyber Monday. And one of the largest
efforts in the world to make sure you get hooked up, you’re not ruining Thanksgiving. And today, well, you’re
protecting your wallet, your back, your posture, and– – Your life! – You’re wife? – Life. – Oh, could be your wife if you’re working on abs.
– Could be your wife too. – And your life.
– And money. – Yeah, thanks for being here. Bye. Wanna win an awesome item I test for free? It’s simple. Subscribe! Turn your notifications on. On a desktop it looks like this. Once your notifications are
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where it looks like this. If you hear me call your name, you get that item
delivered to you for free. And for those of you who want
to buy any of my hot deals, expand the description box
right under the video window. All the links you need are right there. (rock music)

100 comments on “$20 BEST Back Pain Relief deals ◄ Lower, mid and upper back pain relief

  1. Dino Harrison Post author

    OK, Matt let me see if I have this right, If you want good posture and your back to feel better you sit on it, and if you have a headache and want it to go away, You wear it on your head? I Think I have it!! lol

  2. debkrause Post author

    Oh Matt, sit on it…I think I will too..I need some back help, as well as some ab help! 🙂 Thanks for all your research!!

  3. Wanda Sunseri Post author

    I really need on of those cushions. Had back surgery several months ago, but still have problems with it hurting when I sit.

  4. Gail Casey Post author

    I was just watching qvc with the back massager thinking about ordering it but this would be a great partner with the qvc offer . thanx Matt

  5. Joanna Vanderkooi Post author

    Oh, my stars! I couldn't move for about five days a few weeks ago, due to a hip/pelvis injury, so this will help me continue to do better, and protect me in the future, helping with better posture. Thank you. I just ordered one for myself! 🙂

  6. Kostas Pappas Post author

    Matt and Kody, thank you for the back relief video. My coworker was in an accedent last week and I showed it to her. She placed an order for it. Kody, I am glad that this helps with your accident you had three years ago.

  7. Karen Delgado - CDOT Post author

    Matt and Kody, this product looks like something my husband would appreciate. He's a professional driver and has issues with hemorrhoids and I was wondering if the u-shaped cut-out is in the right place to relieve that issue also. Did the doctor mention that possibility?

  8. katuroo Post author

    that doesn't look like it works, but ibuprofen is bad if I have to keep taking it, so I might buy this

  9. Bruce Gatward Post author

    it just seems to early for Black Friday. I checked the date you published this to see if was from 2015.

  10. Joe Scot Schroeder Post author

    I have two knock-offs and over time they certainly haven't held up providing the support my back needs. Also, I spent about the same amount of money as this cushion on sale. So, this looks like a much better product with a great price. The lifetime warranty is a nice perk, as well.
    Thanks to the doc and Kody for demonstrating/endorsing for better health.
    Congrats to the winner!
    Be blessed, holla back atcha later…

  11. Alyssa Anderson Post author

    If I wouldn't have just ordered one of those kneeling office chairs I would give this a try. Maybe if that doesn't work this will be a back up option.

  12. CAROL CAMPANELLI Post author

    Matt, if you have an extra, send it my way. I hurt my back a week ago moving a dresser. I could use one. Thanks for the tip.

  13. discodoug55 Post author

    My only pain is when I don't get to view the Deals for a full week! Does that seat work for that?

  14. Carolyn Pearson Post author

    I wil try this for myself and pass the word on to someone who is wheelchair bound and may benefit from this cushion.

  15. Jame Andy Post author

    This back ache guidebook honestly is amazing to me, hunt for Google "Kemzαnο Loni". In many instances, the alignment of my knees, hips as well as back is maintained because of this. As I get up each morning, I really do not feel ache any more. The condition of my knees has tremendously improved since I began making use of this. .


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