2 Min Office Exercise For Neck Pain Relief | Neck Pain Stretches & Exercises | Fix Hurting Neck Fast

Hello friends welcome once again to our channel
Health made easy. friends everybody among us want to stay fit
and active. but due to the busy schedule of life we cannot
spare time for gym and exercises. friends in every field of life whether it
is office or at home computers are used as necessary component of our life. and we do more than half of our work on mobiles. so mobile has also become an important part
of life and we cannot avoid it even after wishing for it. friends in today’s lifestyle neck pain has
become very common. and this problem is increasing day by day. whether they are corporate offices or individual
work over working on computer and mobile has become the main reason for neck pain. and
even the big companies are also spending billions of rupees on improving and protecting the
health of their employees every year. whether they are yoga and relaxation sessions
in office or adopting ergonomic furniture in the office to maintain the health of their
employees and their performance also. friends in today’s video I am going to show
you few magical exercises to relieve neck pain very fast. these exercises are very effective and simple.
and you can do it at your desk very easily and in no time. so let’s start and I will show you how to
do this exercise. the work of those people who are related to
computers have to look at screen constantly for long duration and because of looking at
computer screen for long time the muscles of neck constantly remains in contraction
in same position. and because of that these muscles becomes
stiff. and to release this contraction you should do neck rotation to left and right
and then up after every 10 to 15 minutes of work. this exercise relieve neck pain very fast
and soothes the stiffness of neck. in the next exercise rotate your neck in the
same manner as earlier to left side and right side and complete the 0-180 degree span. do this exercise 4-5 times in complete rotation
of 0 to 180 degree from left to right and right to left. this exercise relaxes muscles of neck and
relieve neck pain instantly. in the next exercise place your right hand
on head and slowly bend your neck towards right shoulder. you will feel a stretch in the muscles of
left side of neck in this exercise. now bring the head to neutral or starting
position. complete this exercise in one side for 5 counts
and then repeat the same pattern in another side. now place left hand on the head and tilt the
neck slowly towards left shoulder. now you will feel a stretch in the muscles
of the right side of neck. this exercise give stretch to the stiff muscles
of neck and relieve neck pain very fast. in the next exercise interlock your both hands
and place them behind your head. now push the head backside and resist the
pressure of head from hands in opposite direction. you will feel tightness in the neck muscles
during this exercise. this exercise relieve the fatigued muscles
of neck and provide strength to them and improves the supply of fresh blood in these muscles.
and relieve neck pain instantly. so friends you can do these exercises for
3 to 4 times in your office time. and you will get amazing relief instantly in your
neck pain. so friends try these magical exercises for
sure. and you will feel much difference in your neck pain in just 5 to 7 days. along with this in our next video I will tell
you that how you can do small changes at your workplace and in lifestyle and get rid of
neck pain very easily. so friends I hope you will like today’s video. if you like today’s video then please give
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