16 Signs Your Blood Sugar Is High & 8 Diabetes Symptoms

16 Signs Your Blood Sugar Is High & 8 Diabetes Symptoms

16 Signs Your Blood Sugar is High & 8 Diabetes
Symptoms The first thing that comes to mind for most
people when the discussion of health and high blood sugar is brought up is diabetes. It’s an extremely dangerous and deadly condition,
but long before the individual is diagnosed with it, the body gives away signs that their
blood sugar level is very high. Because many people’s diets consist of artificial
and processed foods, the number of people that are suffering from high blood sugar is
dramatically increasing. The only way to put a stop to this is to educate
ourselves and watch for the signs that are body is providing us. This will help us stay as healthy as possible. Now, keep watching to find out what the most
important signs are that tell you your blood sugar level is too high, as well as symptoms
to look out for if you think you may have diabetes. Before we begin this video, don’t forget
to subscribe to our channel for more daily tips like this and turn on notifications so
you never miss our new videos! 16. Excessive Urination/Urinating During the Night:
Granted if you drink high amounts of water before you go to bed, there is a good chance
you’re waking up in the middle of the night to urinate. But if you’re blood sugar level is too high,
you could pick up a urinary tract infection which can result in excessive urinating. 15. Blurred Vision: Don’t overreact and go buy
a pair of glasses if you begin to have temporary blurred vision. In most cases it’s high blood sugar, which
causes the lens in the eyes to swell up. Recognize any of these signs? Think you might have diabetes? Well, keep watching till the end, because
after we give you signs that mean your blood sugar is too high, we’ll fill you in on
some symptoms of diabetes you should look out for! 14. Difficulty Concentrating: When the body is
lacking insulin, it’s unable to remove glucose from the bloodstream into the cells. This doesn’t allow the body to properly
function. This is why you feel tired and can’t concentrate
properly. High blood sugar levels can dehydrate you
because the body is trying to remove excess glucose through urination. 13. Dry Mouth: Because of the high glucose levels
in your blood and saliva, which are caused by high blood sugar levels, your mouth becomes
dry. 12. Impotence: This issue which only refers to
men, stems from problems that are caused by poor long-term blood sugar control. This damages the nerves and the blood vessels. 11. Recurrent Infections: There are several recurring
infections that need to be monitored. Also watch out for numerous diseases in the
pancreas and severe increase in blood glucose. 10. Slow Healing Wounds: If you find that the
smallest cuts and bruises are taking longer than usual to heal, high blood sugar levels
could be the cause. It affects the nerves and can lead to poor
blood circulation, making it tough for blood – need for skin repair – to reach the
wounded area. 9. Stomach Problems: When you have high blood
sugar levels, emptying the food from your stomach could be delayed. This can lead to bloating, distention, abdominal
pain, nausea, or vomiting. 8. Constant Fatigue or Extreme Tiredness: If
your thyroid level is low, there is a good chance you are going to feel tired, sleepy
or depressed. In order to fight infections, it takes energy,
which can result in constant fatigue and high blood sugar levels. 7. Thirst: When you have high blood sugar levels,
your kidneys are forced to work overtime to filter and absorb the excess sugar. In order to achieve that, liquids need to
flow through the body in order to urinate the sugar. 6. Dry and Itchy Skin: When there is poor blood
circulation flow through the body, it causes itchy skin. The most common areas of the body that become
itchiest are the lower parts of your legs. 5. Always Hungry: You may be one of those people
that have a big appetite, and that’s fine. However, for people who normally do not have
a large appetite, this could be because you’re lacking a hormone called incretin. Incretin reduces the flow of sugar from the
liver after consuming a meal. If you lack this hormone, food empties quicker
and you’ll be hungry again shortly after dinner, which increases your blood sugar level. 4. Excess Abdominal Weight/Fat: This is one of
the most common signs that you have high blood sugar levels. The food that you have consumed was not all
able to get into the cells as energy which would nourish the cells, so in turn, you feel
hungry again. 3. Nerve Problems: Simply put, if your blood
sugar levels are high, it can damage the blood vessels that carry oxygen and nutrients to
the nerves, which can lead to nerve problems. 2. Skin Changes: If you begin to experience discoloration
and certain growths on your skin, your blood sugar level may be high. Also, you may notice dark, thick areas of
skin may begin to form on the back of your neck and your hands as well. 1. Tingling and Numbness: This goes hand-in-hand
with nerve damage. If you experience tingling and numbness in
certain areas of your body, your blood sugar level may be high. This type of nerve damage is called neuropathy. Now that you know about some signs that your
blood sugar is probably too high, here are some symptoms to look out for that you may
have diabetes! 8. Fatigue & Hunger: The food that you eat is
converted into glucose which your cells use as energy. But to do this, your body needs insulin. According to WebMD, if the cells resist the
insulin, the energy cannot get to the cells. This means you have no energy. 7. Frequent Urination: The average person urinates
4-7 times in a 24-hour span. WebMD states that this occurs because diabetes
pushes your blood sugar up. The kidneys may not be able to bring the blood
sugar down, so the body needs more fluids, which leads to more urination. 6. Weight Loss: The Mayo Clinic states that when
you lose sugar from frequent urination, you also lose calories. Also, diabetes may prevent sugar from your
food from reaching your cells. Together, both of these can cause weight loss. 5. Dry Mouth: When you urinate, your body uses
a lot of fluids. So if you’re urinating frequently, there
is less moisture for other things. This can cause you to dehydrate, and you may
have a dry mouth, according to WebMD. 4. Blurred Vision: High levels of blood sugar
can take fluids from certain tissues, your eyes included. The Mayo Clinic indicates that if left untreated,
diabetes can cause new blood vessels to form in your retina and damage established vessels. 3. Cuts Are Not Healing: High blood sugar can
affect your blood flow over time. WebMD mentions that this can cause nerve damage,
which makes it hard for your body to heal wounds. 2. Tingling In the Hands & Feet: The Mayo Clinic
indicates that excess blood sugar can cause nerve damage. Nerve damage can cause tingling and pain in
the hands & feet. 1. Dark Patches of Skin: Everyday Health indicates
that acanthosis nigricans, which is a skin condition that creates dark patches of skin
commonly on the neck or armpit, is a sign of diabetes. According to the CDC, 30.3 million of the
U.S. population has diabetes. This includes 23.1 million who are diagnosed
and 7.2 million who are undiagnosed. The CDC also states that 33.9% of the U.S.
population has prediabetes. With that said, it’s important to recognize
the early symptoms of diabetes. The difficulty is that most early symptoms
of diabetes can be so mild that most people just brush them off. The issue with this is that when they finally
get problems, it’s usually caused by long-term damage. Do you have high blood sugar or diabetes? What are some ways you can tell that your
blood sugar is too high? And what are some things you do to ensure
that your health is in good condition? Let us know in the comments section below!

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  1. Bestie Post author

    WATCH: 7 Ways To Prevent Diabetes – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=35ERlhIYj78&list=PL_fl96m7OLQUZuUwYCH7NnU9b_bP6sRlp&index=32

  2. Miss Amber Symone Post author

    Get you some cold pressed black seed oil, take two teaspoons a day morning and night with water or juice. Get alot of turmeric and moringa in your diet if you have neuropathy. My little brother who is 25 has had type 1 diabetes for about 4 or 5 years now and due to have high blood sugar levels when he first was diagnosed, caused him to damage his nerves in his feet and had neuropathy. For about a year, he was in excruciating pain and it was very hard to watch him suffer. Me and my mom were able to find ways to help him on the more natural route and the items I mentioned, saved my brothers life, he almost died 3 times but prayer and patience is what keeps him here with us. Please, if you are suffering with your diabetes, especially type 1 like my little brother, take cold pressed black seed oil (2) teaspoons daily with water or juice, find ways to get you some turmeric and moringa in your diet daily, my suggestion is a tea and you can add lemon and raw honey for flavor and try your best to eat green leaf foods like spinach and kale, and plenty of vegetables. I know it's hard but the 3 items I advised you of will save your life. My little brother is feeling so well after this long road of hospital visits every 2 months for about 4 years now. Praise God and I will pray we all have a healthy LIFE to LIVE, Amen. Love you all ❤️

  3. Mi Merwin Post author

    This “Vαnοjο Fivu” (Google it) is the most sensible as well as easy to understand program for general health and treating diabetes. By this program, you can transform your diet and lifestyle without getting particular about your carb or calorie. After transitioning into a much healthier as well as greener way of life, I didn`t just shed weight but also I am also free of diabetes as well as hypertension! It`s genuine that you really can reverse diabetes…

  4. Lala67 Post author

    I have all the Symptomes but I dont have dark Patches on my skin and I dont go so many times to bathroom and my bruises are healing normal.. Maybe I am deshidrated but one thing for sure is that I am scared af.. Sorry for my bad english

  5. Gacha Jane Post author

    I have none of these symptoms but I have some because of my period and I'm always over reacting lmao

  6. mv venkataraman Post author

    This is indeed extremely useful for diabetic people
    They can take steps, so, diabetes, they can topple

    Surely this must be carefully seen to check our body
    So, we can take adequate steps to act as a remedy

    We must scrupulously attend to the dangerous disease
    And must follow doctors' advice, so body, we can ease

    i am told this diabetes is a silent killer by many doctors
    So, we must be damn cautious to escape its curse

    Even if one of the symptoms is prevailing in our body system
    With the curing methods, our body, we must wisely accustom

    Once we start the right procedure to brave against diabetes
    Then, by endangering our health, it can never at all tease

    This is a very useful instruction to we people who need it
    Only with the help of tips like this, we can again become fit

    Thanks a lot for your kind steps to control diabetes demon
    Proper steps will be taken by me to be among healthy men!


  7. Ellena b. Post author

    I have diabetes and I get the itchy hands but when my hands start to HI use the athlete foot cream to help relieve the itching of my hands and I tried till fast for A-day or 2 to help bring my sugar back under control

  8. Libbys World Post author

    I think I have it I eat sweets a lot well not like I get a cookie and get 5 more after I have around 2 or 3. Do I have it?

  9. Mason Jones Post author

    When I eat sweets I just go right there and drink some water to flush all dat stuff out meh body 🙂 also I get ichy cause I have exima I have no energy cause I’m sick so I don’t have none of these conditions I’m healthy I eat a lot of fruits sometimes vegetables

  10. kDrama Fan Post author


  11. Chug-A-Lug Doug Post author

    If you are overweight , buy a glucose meter from any walmart or pharmacy. Test your blood sugar when you wake up in the morning. Normal blood sugar is between 70 – 100. A pre-diabetic reading is between 100 – 120. Anything above 120 in two consecutive mornings means you have diabetes. Over 83 million people in the states are pre-diabetic of which 90% will develop diabetes because they didnt change their diet and lose weight. A blood glucose meter is the best investment you can make. Type 2 diabetes cuts ten years off your life on average. Dont expect your doctor to warn you. They cash in once you have diabetes. Be smart.

  12. Lesrevesdhiver Post author

    So at 6:40 it says diabetes can cause weight loss. I thought it caused weight gain. Obviously it can't be both. You cannot be skinny and fat at the same time anymore than the weather can throw us a blizzard in 100 degree weather. As far as impotence and difficulty concentrating – Maybe the guy is tired of sleeping with the same woman. Maybe one's job is just mind-numbing. Oh no, THOSE couldn't possibly be the problems, it must be diabetes.

    Also, they diagnose diabetes at about the same rate as diagnosing kids with ADD or ADHD and they diagnose most seniors with COPD. It gets hard to take seriously unless you are a hypochondriac.

    Besides, even if all of America started eating healthy and exercising, they would just find or invent some other unavoidable ailment that people are suppose to worry about. Most foods are processed and have tons of fat and sugar, unless you spend a fortune to eat flavorless over-priced organic crap (what a scam).

  13. v p Post author

    I am urinating a lot, excessive thirst, profuse sweating, dry mouth, hunger pangs, and bloating. Is it possible I have diabebes?

  14. Joy Miller Post author

    When I was preggars I developed type 2. Out of control. Ate normal too. Lots of thirst, anemia, and tired and high bp. Beautiful! Gained weight like crazy. But thankfully able to lose. Took 8 mos after delivery to reach my prepreggars weight. Want to lose more. Only losing a pound a week though. Gained 55 pounds. Lost 20 immediatelty within a month after delivery though. I also have Hashimotos. So it may have been connected. My body is telling me that pregnancy puts me in distress. Will likely not have anymore children. Too dangerous for me.

  15. misrecuerdos morales Post author

    I think is because like I have a cold I Open my mouth when I was sleeping and thats why i have a dry mouth i already drink some water I hope and pray i dont have this ????????

  16. Agustin DeJesus Post author

    Great video……i wish if I have seeing it before my doctor told me my diabetics was 760 high. I had all the symptons……i was urinating about 30 times a day, urinated on myself a lot before I could get to a public restroom, lost about 25 pounds. I was blaming all that to my prostate and continued to eat and drink everything. And all was going on for about 3 to 4 months. This video educate hard headed people like me, because now I see how easy it is to know you have diabetics when you are over 65 and never been sick before……thank you a lot.

  17. Neal Edmondson Post author

    Im type2 and i knowingly did not take care of myself from age 23 to 38 and now im paying for it. Ive lost all feeling in my feet. I have lost my townhouse because of long stays in the hospital and not being able to work. My bills are pilling up and i still cant go to work because of my severe neck/shoulder pain and back pain. Im such a stupid fuck for ignoring my health and now im just waiting for the inevitable.

  18. Caro Dufrasne Post author

    I had high blood pressure and procured treatment to take care of it for 2 years, yet I started utilizing this high blood pressure plan “Zοtοku Weebly” that I discovered on Gοοgle a month ago. Doctor informed me blood pressure level is returned to normalcy and I do not really need to put cash into pharmaceutical drugs for raised blood pressure level.. .

  19. Lisa Terranova Post author

    i'm so greatful I dont have any of these symptoms. My friend has diabetes, she takes my blood test sometimes & always 103 or 95. I dont eat much sugar or carbs. Thank you for this video. I also use the Mayo Clinic all the time to look up medical questions.

  20. Bebo Nafaa Post author

    Hi, I'm an Asian girl, 26 y/o & non Diabetic person, but in my both side of families most people have it.
    According to this video ? almost 10 signs are appearing in me from the last 2 months ?… I don't want to quite my favorite food ?
    what should I do now ? Feeling horrible ?

  21. queenie b. Post author

    The last time i checked my blood sugar at the hospital was last year and says that i was in the borderline of having diabetes, but i still don't have diabetes… Now, im not sure if i have it now, because the symptoms are still few, i itch every part of my body (don't know the reason but it could also be because i took a bath every other day), i notice my small wound that it hasn't healed after 12 hrs/ 24hrs… (Because it was healing i accidently scratch it that's why it bleeds, after the night passed i noticed that its still not dry but it has already a layer that can protect the wound and i accidentaly scratch it again, this time it doesn't bleed but a transparent fluid came out), my lips is hot, i mean litelary… Its not like im thirsty or something, and i didn' ate something spicy… I just drink water to releave that heatness forming on my lips, my left leg and foot are still numb after i had a surgery of my lumbar area a year ago, i was diagnosed with slipped disc, i don't know if this numbness and tingling sensation can be related to diabetes/high blood sugar even after a few months of having a physical therapy and ever since i was a kid i have a black thick neck that i can't part with, even how hard i scrub it with alcohol and a cotton… Im still confuse because i urinated for 3 to 5 times a day, too low to be called normal because i drank water less… So i really don't know if i have it or not, and i really hate going to the doctor, i don't want to pay them just to scold me noh… And i don't like doctors who don't explain my disease… My orthopedics doctor didn't tell me what kind of sickness i had, so out of my frustration and curiosity i search the net of my syptomps and there i knew i had slipped disc… Jeezz is it hard to tell the patient of what they had?! And i really hate doctors who doesn't explain properly and just hands you a prescription without clearing it to you or handing you a lab test with out telling you what thay plan to know… Its like keeping the information just for themselves…? and also the doctor who doesn't listen to their patient or let them finish what they are talking about… The doctor ask a question and yet they cut the patient short… Are they making a fool out of their patient? Worst doctor i ever encounter!

  22. Bruh Michael Post author

    When my blood sugar is high I just feel mad and I get really hot, I’m also super thirsty and I can’t run as fast. And I can’t do my school work as well

  23. Chef R-let Williams Post author

    Goin on keto should help reverse diabetes, its been proven. I had all of these symptoms and went on keto for 3 months, and now i no longer have any of these symptoms…

  24. Sultan Mehmood Ghaznavi Post author

    Stay away from soft drinks on the first place then do not eat junk food including Mac and all the shit there is. do not eat ready to eat food. cook at home, use lot of Vegetables, no chicken, least beef, less lamb and most goat and fish even if no fruits, you will be fine with no weight. Poultry White Chicken is the main cause of diabetes and many other chronic diseases. proven, proven, proven 200% proven!!!! natural or home raised chicken won't harm. also eat fish or fruits once in a while.

  25. cLapZ Jey Post author

    I was watching a fake video ad with a skip button for 2 hours while smoking weed, kept tappimg on it so I gave up and clicked this lmao

  26. Susan Lahti Post author

    Larry Hunter:Headache and burning feet are not all day… usually at bed at night, or eating sugar at night… I like Boost… it is a glucose equalizer… I buy it at Walmart around 9.oo for 6 bottles. Try not to eat after 7pm and drink a lot of water or green tea… good luck

  27. Ved Prakash Post author

    Sugar se Hamesha k Lia chhutkara Pai wo bhi 100% Ayurvedic treatment. Jo insulin ka injection lete honge unka bhi 45 days k andar insulin ka injection Lena band ho jaigea contact : 9835869566

  28. Choti Piyari Post author

    HeY.! mY FatHeR HavE ThiS tYpE Of DiaBeTeS WhaT ShOu|D i GavE HiM iN DiEt tO cOntrO| HiS SuGaR.???

  29. Praveen Sriram Post author

    I reversed my prediabetes with good diet and exercise although I need to try and exercise more. I average 3 days a week at the gym.

  30. Jade Manrique Martinez Post author

    The type of diabetes I have is type one and I have been having this for almost 3yrs and I'm 13

  31. Jocelyn Peterson Post author

    I have high functioning autism and autism and type 2 diabetes are somehow connected. I believe that I’m undiagnosed with type 2 diabetes because every time I eat sugar, in the next hour or two, I become extremely tired and lightheaded and my muscles want to droop and stop working. I also get restless and very frustrated and agitated when I had too much sugar and I have to get up and walk around. My vision becomes blurry for a few minutes too. I also have ADHD and OCD. I believe that I have a mild case of type 2 diabetes because the symptoms are barely noticeable on some days.

  32. Sam King Post author

    I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. The doctor prescribed me meds but i never bought them. I dealt with my diabetes through discipline like proper diet, i only eat once a day, i exercise regularly and i avoid sugar….after just almost a year my blood sugar went back to normal…i also recommend moringa powder…it has helped me a lot.

  33. Jackie Stevens Post author

    I’m 26 and there’s a lot of interesting information in this video… funny thing is it showed up on my recommended list… also there’s a bunch of young people in the video and anybody I know that has diabetes is almost 60…Y’all need to get some old models in your videos not young people

  34. ree lee Post author

    FYI – I did an annual physical every year which included a fasting blood glucose test. Never diagnosed. After rapid weight loss and a blood sugar test of just 100 although I'd just consumed a large coffee with milk and sugar and 2 doughnuts (which I never ate regularly but consumed out of fear because of muscle weakness). My doctor did an A1C test which then gave me a diagnosis of diabetes. She said that test indicated that I'd had it for years! If you tend toward hypoglycemia vs. hyperglycemia, getting A1c test is essential. It may not show up on the regular fasting blood glucose test.

  35. Melanie Martinez FR Post author

    I constantly feel tired and weak. I think it's cuz I don't eat to much. Am really skinny. I think my blood is poor I am missing red blood cells. I have to eat healthy food from now on. Don't mind the chips next to me ?

  36. Taylor Alba Post author

    Lakanto Monk fruit sweetener has been a game changer for me. Taste so close to sugar and truly doesn’t have an aftertaste. Doesn’t spike insulin et all.

  37. IMChrysalis Post author

    Um, have you ever considered that the dehydration causes THIRST, so you drink more and that causes frequent urination too? Hm.

  38. Chas Peking Post author

    LOW grade animal fat, high fructose corn syrup, nutrient free factory farm lettuce and tomatoes, and you have fast food, when combined your capillaries get plugged, your vitamins and minerals become depleted, you smell bad, and you miss the diet you were raised on, but do not realize it yet. Just say "NO!" to most food deliver in wrappers. The last burger I ate from BK had clear liquid run off from the meat, which SOLIDIFIED the bun. The McDonald's burger I ate(the last) 300 cockroaches went for the sticky trap after 1 cockroach ate a cockroach mouth full of paper from the wrapper and called it quits.

  39. Sunitee Post author

    Can someone tell me please, how much water is too much? I just heard I may be drinking too much water

  40. Melanie Walker Post author

    I'm not joking I have every one of those symptoms. I've had a blood test done and the doctor said my kidneys was satisfactory I don't know what that is supposed to mean.


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