[12] Atenção à saúde: pneumonia e bodysurf #ElaNoMar

Aloha guys, Ela No Mar ready for action! Today I’m going to talk about pneumonia and bodysurf. Stay tuned! Maybe you’re wondering the reasons for this episode. And this very serious matter is due to the fact that 12 days ago I was diagnosed with pneumonia. The story begins with a simple flu. I got sick for 3 or 4 days. I had a fever, cough with mucus, pain in the body, but I was treating the symptoms. On the 5th day I woke up feeling very chilled, high fever and with a very intense pain in the left side of my body. Also, I had a hard time breathing. So I went to the hospital and the doctor diagnosed me with viral pneumonia. Pneumonia is an infection of the lungs and unlike the flu is not transmitted easily. But when not treated properly, pneumonia has very serious consequences. Researchers from the UK have found that surfers are 3 times more likely to carry antibiotic-resistant bacteria compared to non-surfers. In this sense, the treatment of diseases such as tuberculosis and pneumonia becomes more difficult. Big reason: surfers swallow a lot of water during their sessions. And many of us bodysurfers, surfers in general, have the habit of putting on or staying in wet clothes, such as rash guard surf or wetsuit. Being exposed to the wind with these wet clothes, we are more likely to develop flu or pneumonia if we do not take care of ourselves. Therefore, my advice is to be alert to some symptoms and go to the hospital if you feel shiver, fever, cough with secretion or difficulty breathing. I’m saying this because it was extremely hard to me to stay away from the sea during all these days. And also for not being able to work here in the Fernando de Noronha Marine National Park. So if you believe this content is useful, share it with others because the theme is very serious. Also, subscribe on the channel and follow me on Instagram (@paradaleticia), all right? Aloha, see you guys on the next video!!

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