1 effective step against fever. by Dr.Kamal (with English subtitles)

I have made videos on exercise, gym, bodybuiding. Since I am doctor so today we will talk on an illness. Not a disease, rather a symptom, FEVER. A common symptom, but we can manage it at home. What we can do at home to combat fever, to bring down the temperature? Is there any method and what to do at home before panic? Fever, happens to many, and often. We consult doctors, take medicines, but what is Fever? Fever is a symptom, not a disease. Fever means there is a infection going on in the body; there is some foreign organism inside our body that is causing an infection or an infestation inside our body and our body is trying to fight with it. During this fight our body temperature rises. That is known as Fever. Now since fever is not a disease but a symptom of an infection or illness going on inside our body, so what should we do? First and foremost is that when the fever is not high, we should not give drugs. As fever means a fight is going on inside. If we stop this fight then our body will stop fighting the infection. Now then why do we give medicines when the temperature touches 102F or 103F? Because at this temperature the body feels discomfort. It is irritating if it goes beyond a certain level. That’s why we try to reduce the temperature after it crosses a certain level. After that what we usually do is we take Paracetamol. Most of us know what is Paracetamol. We take it ourselves or our doctor prescribes it to us. Sometimes the fever does not recede with Paracetamol. It happens when the infection is very high. Then what do we do? Is there any other way? Let me tell you. We know many people use sponging. Most of us use cold water for it. And therein lies the problem. What happens with cold water is that our blood vessels shrink in response. Our bodies shrink in response to cold in order to reduce the surface area so that we can keep the body heat inside. When we subjugate the body to cold, our forehead, chest etc then our blood vessels constrict, and then our body heat cannot escape outside because the pores from which the body heat escapes also constrict and close. Rather the temperature might increase. So what we should use is warm tepid water, meaning, do sponging with water at a temperature little higher than room temperature. Dip a dry cloth in warm tepid water and then use it for sponging. On application of warm water (not too hot) what happens is our blood vessels dilate and their pores open up and our body heat can escape through them. That means we should use warm water instead of cold water, then only there is a chance of our fever going down. So firstly we should trust sponging more than drugs, secondly what happens is medicine should not be repeated before 4 hrs have elapsed from previous dose and if you have given medicine and fever was down for 2 hrs but then comes back, use sponging then. We should always remember that we must always use warm tepid water. We might also have to use sponging with drugs when the temperature is very high like 103F or 104F, but remember to use only warm water or tepid water sponging. I hope you liked my video. Please subscribe to my channel and press the bell icon and tell your friends too, and if you want any specific topic to be discussed then go to the comments section and write there. Thank you

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