01 Illustrator Offset Path TRICK Not Many Designers Know! 🔥

01 Illustrator Offset Path TRICK Not Many Designers Know! 🔥

in today’s tutorial I have a quick fire
trick when using the offset path function and it’s one that many people
often wonder how to do so let’s dive right into it in today’s video so
welcome back to Satori graphics and in this second recent video on the offset
path function I’m gonna show you a really neat trick
when using typography and if you want to see more videos with the powerful offset
function illustrator you do let me know but to demonstrate the problem in
today’s video sometimes people want to have a full stroke around the text but
for that stroke to be set away from the type itself with a clear visible gap in
between so one method people might adopt would be to are coming to the appearance
panel then create a stroke and then actually head into the effects options
and offset our stroke however with the preview option highlighted we can see a
clear problem and that is the stroke overruns itself in many many areas along
the typography and this doesn’t look ideal at all well I do have an efficient
or workaround which you’re going to want to add into your work flow bank for
future designs so for this one workaround
we do need to outline the text so let’s go ahead and do that first and foremost the second step is to make a compound
path which you can find here or you can press ctrl or command 8 which is the
keyboard shortcut the third step in this offset path workaround is to use the
offset path function in the object drop-down menu you obviously can adjust
the settings to fit your typography and look at the detail of the inner
lettering to see if it looks good for your design and then hit OK so now you’re going to end up with
something pretty much like this and select the outer line with the outside
stroke and apply a stroke in the color palettes down here in the bottom left finally for this part of the workaround
method select the inner type and then apply a color fill like so so that
essentially is the desired outcome but I do have one awesome and one useful tip
to show you when using this design so after you’ve played around with the
stroke weights you might not be happy with how it looks especially in the
inner part of the typography so simply come into the stroke panel here or you
can actually locate it in the windows drop-down menu but here you can change
the orientation of the stroke in relation to the path itself so it could
be inside in the middle or on the outside and this is going to change the
appearance of your design until it meets your desired outcome there is one other
way of doing this and it might apply to you and your workflow because here I’ve
got some typography that is outlined and it’s already engraved so of course that
means I came up to here I won’t line the texts and then I in grouped adorn so
yeah I’m left with the vector shapes that are not grouped together if I this
time I go and use the compound path function nothing appears to actually
happen the first method resulted in an
invisible outline of my text but if we then use the offset path we have another
different outcome as well it’s easy to see what it’s actually happened by
coming into the layers window because we have two shapes one the original text
and then the offset chunkier version with the thicker version we have to
simply flick it over to a stroke and then the desired outcome has been
achieved in a second different method so this workaround is something many people
want to achieve but many cannot seem to accomplish so I hope this short but
sweet tutorial actually appeals to you when using offset path function with
holography also if you want to see more offset function tutorials and just let
me know in the comment section down below because there are more tips and
there are more functions and uses that I do have for it in Illustrator but of
course guys until next time design your future today peace

45 comments on “01 Illustrator Offset Path TRICK Not Many Designers Know! 🔥

  1. BigDog Post author

    Can you do this without outlining your font?? Also when you add strokes to certain fonts, “spikes” grow out of it, how do I control that from happening?

  2. Gustavo Andreazzi Post author

    Hello! 😀

    As a CS6 user I pretty much use the outline/offset path method. But for me, it creates individual objects, so immediately I ctrl+X, ctrl+F and Unite them. I don't know if other methods didn't work when I tried or I was too un-skilled to perform it 😛

    Take care bro, and thanks

  3. Dan Plumadore Post author

    Another fine lesson in working efficiently while producing exceptional design. I was looking for something like this. Thanks again for the awesome lesson and your generosity in teaching.

  4. Asim Zulfiqar Post author

    hi sir

    #Satori Graphics

    can you please explain about transperency panel and the sub part like multiple normal atc? waiting for the respones

  5. The Overlord Of Procrastination Post author

    I wish you'd do some Affinity Designer tutorials. I realise it's not as fully functional but it's more affordable for most.

  6. Azael Morales Post author

    Thank you sir! Could you make something that shows us how to space out lines and different distances like a sort of gradient like they use in 80’s style art?

  7. Tarkan Kayli Post author

    Nifty tricks..

    But can you shed light on its name.

    I mean how does it "Off Set the Path"?

    Would help to better understand the process..


  8. Jeanne Sullivan Post author

    Recently discovered your channel. Excellent teaching on a wide array of topics (many of which I never even realized I needed to know)! Thanks so much for generously sharing your time, knowledge and talents! <3

  9. Melvin Finner Post author

    This was EXTREMELY helpful. It's exactly what I needed to know. Yes please give more videos on this feature. As my brand is hugely text based. www.relaxreleaserepeat.com

  10. antony M Post author

    Having a new clever, original and usefull tips and tricks everyday is really impressive…
    Thank you sooo much Satori !

  11. Caleb Martin Post author

    This couldn't have come at a better time. I watched this video this morning and then immediately applied it to a design needed for my job. Thank you!

  12. Francisco Jimenez Post author

    but the text loses its text property and becomes a path, if you want to keep the editable text you can use the text fill and 2 additional fillings with different offset Path values, select " √ " Knockout Group in Transparency panel and apply 0% transparency to central fill to make a knockout effect.

    Or in your first example with text, apply the effect "Add" to the offset path line.

  13. aleale11000 Post author

    You can achieve the same much easier and for live type in appearance panel: apply offset to a stroke and then effect: “>Pathfinder>Add” to the same stroke. As a result you’ll have an editable text with such effect.


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