?MEMORY FOAM SEAT CUSHION ? NURSAL (Lower Back, Sciatica Hemorrhoid Pain Relief) Review ?

?MEMORY FOAM SEAT CUSHION ? NURSAL (Lower Back,  Sciatica Hemorrhoid Pain Relief) Review ?

hi today I have the Nursal memory foam
seat cushion. I got this one to use in my office chair it could also be used in
the car Unfortunately I do have to sit a lot
every day for my job and my commute. This cushion is designed to assist in the
relief and treatment of lower back pain numbness sciatica and pressure sores
it is also probably very great for hemorrhoids unfortunately I am not had
that issue but I have experienced some lower back pain from time to time it’s
not a good feeling and it’s all too common.
right here’s the box that it came in see desk chair car seat or office chair
three great uses for it from the Nursal. Let’s just take a closer look
here and it’s nice it has the non-skid on the back. It is made of high quality
density memory foam it is cleverly designed and shaped to fit the contour
of the legs and has a hip cradle it has a cool mesh anti slip bottom and
removable washable cover. See, you just zip it around and take the product out
to wash the cover and you can see a little bit of softness but firmness to
give the support that is needed you can see that anti-skid bottom so wherever
you put it it’s not going to slide around this seat cushion will provide
comfort on just about any hard surface I saw someone online saying that they used
it in a kayak and another person saying that they used it on their piano bench
that would make it a lot more comfortable. One person mentioned taking
along with them on trips to alleviate pain on an airplane seat another very
great idea. I think it’d be great to take a long if you have to sit on the
bleachers for a sporting event I know that my
hind end has gotten very sore sitting on those hard metal seats. This cushion would
make a great gift to anyone who has to sit for long periods of time whether
it’s in a car office or at home thanks for watching

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