माइग्रेन / सिरदर्द से तत्काल राहत के लिये Instant Relief from Headache Do’s & Don’t by Yoginitya

माइग्रेन / सिरदर्द  से  तत्काल राहत  के लिये  Instant Relief from Headache Do’s & Don’t by Yoginitya

Namaskaram (Hello) I’m Yogi Nitya And today we’ll talk about migraine. Migraine is a lifestyle disorder. We can call it lifestyle order also and it also represents the deficiencies in our body. It is not a disease in itself. It signals towards the other many diseases in our body. No pain itself is a disease. Pain actually signalises that something is going wrong in this area. So, you need to understand migraine that it’s treatment is not eating painkillers. I have seen such people who eat the painkiller just the moment they feel that their migraine is about to start and when I stop them then they say what else can we do. See, firstly you need to get rid of painkillers. Do not use them because if you keep taking them your brain will start having side effects. I’ve seen people who took painkillers for 20 years. Then after the age of 50 years their legs stopped working. These days there is a hopeless disease spread all over, which is called ‘MS’, in which the area below your waist becomes lifeless. Actually, the coating in your brain washes away which can damage any of the body parts. I have worked on many of such patients and when I ask them if they used to take any medicines earlier, then, often people tell me, “Yes, we have been taking medicine for migraine for the past 15-20 years.” So, this reflects somewhere that these headache medicines can lead to such diseases, that you might not have even thought of. So, please don’t take medicines for headache. This is not a solution & treatment. So, you’ll ask now what is to be done. See, first understand the reason of migraine. Migraine happens because of the wrong diet and wrong lifestyle. In summers, many people roam in full sun without covering their heads. If they keep doing so, it can lead to migraine. Migraine is a pain in one side of the head, which goes from either of the eye and leads towards the back of the head. Some people have it on the right side, some on the left side. There are many other reasons for migraine which include excess tea. Many people keep drinking tea & coffee a lot. So taking excess stimulants or any kind of intoxication is also a reason of migraine. So, what happens in migraine mostly, either excess of gas forms in your stomach, and it’s pressure goes till the head, which leads to headache. Sometimes, excess of acidity also leads to migraine. I have seen many people taking so much green tea in the urge to reduce their weight, which dries up the mind, or they eat so much of dry fruits without soaking them which creates dryness in the body. And when the body dries up it is natural to have migraine. When brain cells dry up means when the white and grey matter of the brain starts weakening, then also it results in migraine. That’s why treating migraine separately is of no use. Find out the root causes of migraine and try to treat them. I have tried on thousands of people in the camps and also worked personally on hundreds of people. I applied some Ayurvedic remedies on them and the results that I got from them, I made this video on the basis of those results. So that all of you can benefit from it. Even in Ayurveda there are thousands of medicines & herbs for migraine and none is ineffective but we must be aware of the method to use them. Then only we can fetch its benefit. So today I’ll tell you about a remedy through which you can cure your migraine very fast. This is my own experience. I have treated hundreds of people myself by this remedy. So, let me tell you again before explaining this remedy, that in migraine if you keep drinking a lot of tea or use the computer, laptop TV etc in excess, or if you’ll not maintain your diet routine which will form gas in the stomach as it will not be clean then you’ll keep taking different steroids & painkillers or if you take a lot much stress then you cannot cure your migraine. First you work on all these things, Then use this remedy for migraine. Take 5 pieces of Almonds & half piece of Walnut. Don’t use a thick sized almond which is also called American almond. Generally, people buy it. There is a very small sized Almond, which is often called ‘Pishori’ Almond. You can search for it. It is sometimes bitter in taste. So, don’t take the bitter ones. Take 5 pieces of ‘pishori’ Almonds. Soak it in water at night either in a glass container or clay pot. Also soak half walnut along with it. Cover the container.
In the morning, peel both almonds & walnut. You’ll not be able to remove the complete skin of the walnut but whatever you can, peel it. Then take a large stone mortar which has a wooden pestle, people use it to grind cannabis & make ‘Thandai’ (Indian Milk drink). It is also called ‘Kharal’ in Hindi. So, put these dry fruits in that mortar & beat them with pestle. After beating, start grinding them. After grinding it for 3-4 minutes, it will start discharging some milk and will become somewhat creamy. Then start adding 2-2 spoons of milk. Take either refrigerated milk or fresh milk which is given one boil & cooled off. But don’t add icey cooled milk. So keep adding 2 spoons of milk and keep grinding. Pestle it till 10 minutes and gradually add one cup of milk in this manner. Pestle it thoroughly. You need to pestle it for around 10 minutes because there is a rule in Ayurveda that, when you grind something very well, e.g. Chyavanprash (Indian herbal Jam) or other many herbs, When we grind them too much then they become more effective and become quality rich. There is a verse in Ayurveda ‘Mardhanam Gunvardhanam’, which means when you grind or mince anything that will become very much beneficial. If you eat soaked almonds & walnuts for months or even for years, then also it will not cure Migraine. But if you have pestled it for 10-15 minutes, then it will become such a powerful medicine that you’ll start feeling it’s benefit from the first use only. Some people start getting relief in 3-4 days only, some in a week’s time. If somebody doesn’t get any relief, please don’t worry. In 10-15 days everybody gets relief. You can use this remedy from 3 to 6 months whether it is summers or winters. You can ask me, whether it is to be taken before meal or after meal. Either take it even before breakfast, empty stomach in the morning, then do not eat anything till 1.5 hrs. Let it digest till 1.5 hours. Then it will benefit. Alternatively, take it after 2-2.5 hours of having a meal i.e. after having your breakfast. Take it at the time between breakfast and lunch. Then it will benefit. So, you need to take it once in the morning, once in the evening. In the evening, either take it around sunset i.e. around 5-6 pm. Again do not eat anything till 1-1.5 hours. Or you take it at night just before going to bed and then don’t take anything after this. If you decide to take it at night then use lukewarm milk.
Do not use cold or even fresh milk. If it’s winter then while pestling add hot milk and in summers add cold milk. I told you about the nitty-gritty of this remedy. Besides this, there is an Ayurvedic medicine ‘Medhavati’. It is available at all the stores of ‘Patanjali’. Take 1-2 tablets (Morning-evening) according to your pain & the severity of the problem. This medicine is hot in nature so people with some cold tendency of the body can take 2 tablets. Alternatively, take 1 tablet (morning-evening) in the beginning. When it suits you for some days then increase doses to 2 tablets. This will give you very much relief. If someone doesn’t get ‘Medhavati’ then there is another medicine manufactured by many ayurvedic companies. It’s name is ‘Brahmivati’. You can take it as a substitute for ‘Medhavati’. Take 1 tablet (morning-evening) in the starting and after some days take 2 tablets morning-evening. So, with this remedy, migraine gets cured completely. Besides this, massage your head every night with Gooseberry oil. Massage at the sides of your forehead. Also massage the soles of your feet with mustard oil at night before sleeping. And drink ample amounts of water. Do not roam around in the sun in excess. Do not stay hungry. Do not take a lot of spices.
Eating Cow’s Ghee (Clarified butter) is a must. During winters, put 2-3 drops of sweet almond oil (Badam Rogan) in your nostrils. During summers, you can try drinking some cow’s milk through your nostrils with the help of a dropper. It should be cold & unboiled. If you’ll apply all these remedies together and press some points here (on the eyebrows), and with this, practice ‘Alternate breathing exercise’. I have made a separate video on ‘Alternate breathing exercise, on how to do it. You can watch that also. If you’ll do all these things together, and press some points on the tips of your thumbs from both sides and also on your feet. Then you’ll see that you’ll start getting relief from migraine just in 2-3 days, and gradually your migraine will be cured completely. I have applied this on thousands of people indirectly through camps, and on hundreds of people directly face to face. If you do this, you will become completely healthy.
My best wishes are with you. That’s all in today’s video. Namaskaram (Goodbye)

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